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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Hornss - Telepath (Ripple/STB)

Hornss Telepath Ripple STB
12 October 2016

San Francisco’s Hornss follow their excellent 2014 debut with an even more powerful second offering that clearly shows the trio growing further into interstellar space.

Telepath seamlessly blends the now classic desert stoner sound pioneered by Kyuss with the galactic resonance of Hawkwind. Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus riffs abound through a heady industrial prism reflecting Blood on the Moon and 3rd from the Sun-era Chrome, as well as The Melvins circa Houdini and Stoner Witch. Get ready for a ride on the great space custom van with the controls set for the heart of Andromeda! Guitarist/vocalist Mike Moracha is your concierge, making sure every aspect of your trip is to your liking, while bassist/vocalist Nick Nava will be serving drinks and more at the fuzzy leopard-print bar. Drummer Bil Bowman resides at the helm, safely guiding us to our destination, so sit back, relax and headbang your way to the closest galaxy to our Milky Way!. But seriously folks, it’s like Farflung with Motörhead’s balls.

Hornss aren’t slowing down any time soon, so click the seat belt and brace yourself for the ride. We recommend tequila for the neck pains…