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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Jacob Young - Eventually (ECM)

12 May 2023

For Eventually, Jacob Young decided to record in a format that, amazingly, he’s never tried before: the guitar trio. While that’s hardly unusual for pickers, it apparently is for the Norwegian axeperson, who’s used to having a pianist and/or horn player to share the melodic and textural load. What’s funny is, based on the performances on his fourth ECM album, the trio format sounds like his most natural home. The lack of competing voices puts the spotlight firmly in his playing, and his quiet, contemplative style thrives. Writing to his strengths as a player, Young sounds relaxed, confident, and in control on melodic pieces like the languid “Northbound” and “One For Louis,” or the cheeky “I Told You in October” and “The Dog Ate My Homework.” He even rocks out on the breathless “Schönstedtstraẞe.” With sympathetic backing from bassist Mats Eilertsen and drummer Audun Kleive, both of whom know when to push their boss as much as support him, Young proves himself more than capable of taking on all front-facing responsibilities solo.