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L.A. Drugz Reissue Outside Place EP

4 July 2024

In celebration of the decade anniversary of Outside Place, L.A. Drugz has reissued their raucous power pop EP via Hover Craft Records. Fronted by Justin Maurer of Clorox Girls, this record boasts all the melodic hallmarks of his former group but with additional vocal harmonies at a more measured pace. L.A. Drugz sounds like a group Bomp! Records forgot to sign during power pop’s resurrection.

Available in exclusive gold vinyl via Green Noise Records, L.A. Drugz is back during these uncertain times not to join in with the chorus of civil unrest but to melodically harmonize with gleeful indifference. Song titles such as Ooh Ooh Ooh and On The Street boldly remind you just what you’re getting here and L.A. Drugz sound like a harder backing group for The Shangri-Las but with the necessary stimulants required to charge ahead to more Punk tempos.

In support of the title track, L.A. Drugz worked diligently on a video paying homage to Repo Man, reminding you that beneath their melodic hooks, they still hail from the gritty City of Angels, and prove it during their live show. Recommended for fans of The Buzzcocks, The Kids, and The Cute Lepers.