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Len Price 3 - Nobody Knows (JLMR)

Len Price 3, Nobody Knows
15 April 2014

The word “dogged” sure describes this corking UK trio. Ten years and four albums in, they’re still bringing 1966 red hots kicking into our era and making us beg for more. It’s not possible to hear rave-ups such as “Billy Mason” and not think of The Jam’s “Billy Hunt” and other greats of the 1978 mod revival, like this generation’s update on The Kinks‘ “David Watts” and The Who‘s “Out in the Street.” Frontman Glenn Page, with his tight-lipped, new wave vocal offensive and gashing guitar remains fiery and committed. Just like his genuine working class lyrics, all but spitting on Margaret Thatcher‘s grave on the bonus track and extolling unique characters like the doomed, grieving, alcoholic Mom in “Nobody Knows,” and his WW2 hero, in “My Granddad Jim.” Elsewhere the band explore the dark side of family inheritance in “Vultures,” and take us on a journey into the dangerous world of internet dating in “Preying Mantis.” Recorded entirely on analog gear, and sporting ace harmonies, Nobody Knows should be known by everybody. [Late note: The Len Price 3 doing all the music for the upcoming British independent film Pubmonkey, which is due for release at the British Film Institute in June of this year.] (