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Marshmallow Coast - Vangelis Rides Again (HHBTM)

Marshmallow Coast Vangelis Rides Again HHBTM
11 May 2015

Elephant 6 alumnus, Andy Gonzales (ex-of Montreal, The Music Tapes, Mind Brains), returns to his Marshmallow Coast moniker for the latest chapter in his prolific musical career.

Vangelis Rides Again comes across as an italo lounge album. Laid-back and hazy, the songs reside in the murky dusk of psychedelia via ’80s electronics. Instruments waft in and out Beach Boys-style, allowing Gonzales’ melodic compositions to morph as they progress. Homages to The Drifters’ “On Broadway,” Return to Forever and The Sound of Music become the weird dreams that happen just before waking, memories not fully realized but still lingering in the depths of the mind. It’s cyberpunk for the velvet couch elite lazily passing time in a blue screen fog.

When the past is a burden and the future looks bleak, Marshmallow Coast is the pillow that makes it all better. Just lay your head down and sink.