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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Poison Boys: Headed For Disaster

29 February 2024

Poison Boys present their bastardized Chuck Berry riffs and raucous ‘punk & roll’ with no claim of innovation or how they’re saving rock & roll in the digital age. The Chi-town trio simply plugs in, turns on, and races through stripped-down rock detailing alienation, blood, sweat, and sexy swagger amidst a world resistant to sincerity and longevity.

Taking their moniker from The Riffs, Poison Boys unabashedly embrace Iggy, Thunders, Stiv, and all the usual suspects to not merely pay homage, but to make damn sure you know their passion for the danger that forever drives rock & roll isn’t fading away to complacency. Headed For Disaster chronicles early singles, demos, and unreleased tracks spanning from 2014 to 2018. Don’t be demanding polished production because Poison Boys wouldn’t have it any other way. This compilation is a great overview for those new to their sound while long-time fans should be satiated as they no longer have to scour the interwebs for sought-out 45s. Crank it up and remind your neighbors that rawk is alive and well.