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Ruins – Sample Size (Self Released)

Ruins Sample SIze Album Cover
22 April 2018

Sample Size is the debut from Ruins, hailing from Liverpool, and it is a stunner demonstrating the ability to create atmosphere, emotion, and beautiful music in a minimalistic arrangement of sounds, beats, and voice. Think Tracy Thorn collaborating with Sigur Ros. Falsetto vocals soar over keyboards and beats occasionally glued together with solid bass lines. While many of the songs are of the introspective, atmospheric variety, “Creepers & ‘T‘” is a perfect two-and-a-half minute synthpop treat. “RLZ4” will have you swaying, head nodding, and ultimately feeling chills on the back of your neck from its beauty. “Song of a Camera” screams repeat listen and caused this listener to immediately liken it to a stripped-down version of the mighty Catherine Wheel’s “Satellite”. “Last Nail” is a clear highlight, with its hypnotic polyrhythmic beat, smooth bass, and moody keys combined with soaring vocals, pulling together the full potential of this new band. Go get this now and let’s hope it is not a one off. Hands down, debut of the year so far and, who knows, this could easily become album of the year.