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The Big Takeover Issue #88
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Scott Warren – Quick Fix Bandage (Jangular)

6 August 2009

Singer/songwriter SCOTT WARREN can usually be found within the ranks of SIGNAL HILL TRANSMISSION. I don’t know what SHT sounds like, so I don’t know if Warren is exploring a different side of his musical personality or just had too many songs for one project. Either way, Quick Fix Bandage is a warm bath of heartfelt, finely crafted folk rock. Warren’s songs are soulful, intelligent and melodic, his production and arrangement skills hit all the right notes, and he has a burnished everyman singing voice that conveys intimacy without being emo. “Speed of Sound,” “Along For the Ride” and “Laugh Through the Pain” make fast friends and endure over multiple hearings; the record ends with a gorgeous cover of *AMERICA*’s “Sister Golden Hair” that redeems the 70s cheese classic handily. Nice job.