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Seafang - "Motorcycle Song" EP (Elephant Stone)

12 July 2016

For its first release in 4 years, the venerable label Elephant Stone has put out the brand new 7” by the St. Petersburg, FL band Seafang. Their bio lists Lush, Shop Assistants and The Primitives as their main inspirations and I certainly hear Lush and The Primitives all over this record along with riffs that are reminders of Darklands-era Jesus and Mary Chain. While other newer shoegaze or dream-pop bands have taken inspiration from earlier, more ethereal side of Lush (see the excellent Sacramento band Soft Science or the UK band The History of Apple Pie, for example) it’s the Lovelife-era Lush of “Ladykillers” and “Single Girl” that they remind me most of, though I also hear hints of early ’90s UK-inspired acts like Copper and Velocity Girl on this record as well. This is particularly true on the the the brilliant B-side “Summertime,” which any fan of female-fronted noise-pop will spin over and over again.

The CD version features the extra track “Be the One.”