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Tarana - A Fire of Flowers Grows Around Us (Wondermachine)

Tarana A Fire of Flowers Grows Around Us Wondermachine
15 September 2015

NYC’s ever-morphing Tarana, led by drummer Ravish Momin and currently flanked by trombonist Rick Parker, release an astounding full-length that melds so many musical genres, it defies them all.

A Fire of Flowers Grows Around Us dares to bring electronics into jazz, or, perhaps, the other way around. Drum & bass, downtempo and even hip-hop beats build the foundation for swirling electronics, which range from ambient sounds to Kraftwerk-ian pulses. Meanwhile, Parker’s trombone wafts over the circuitry, breathing air into the cybernetic fusion of analog and programmed drums, while simultaneously submitting to the electronic realm of effects and processing. Blips and beeps dance over a percussive plane of sonic haze. It’s the same head-scratching genius of Miles DavisBitches Brew, only updated for the technological age.

Is it jazz or electronic music? Yes, Discover the future in forty-one minutes of bliss.