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Tides From Nebula - Eternal Movement (Longbranch/SPV)

Tides From Nebula Eternal Movement
5 November 2013

Who knew that instrumental rock would become a thing? Thanks to the so-called “post rock” movement (which some of us think is just a codeword for indie rock snobs who can’t bear to utter the phrase “progressive rock”) and the often amazing work of bands like Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Caspian, wordless music of passion and power can found in the collections of discerning rock fans everywhere. Those folks should leave room on their shelves for Eternal Movement, the latest record from Tides From Nebula. The Polish quartet swells to the heavens, creating great waves of uplifting melody and letting them crash on a beach of bright, glistening texture. Guitars ring and swirl, rarely crunching; bass and drums push the twin axes forward with an undulating perpetual motion. “Hollow Lights” and “Laughter of the Gods” reach for the stars and tickle their undersides, while “Let It Out Let It Flow Let It Fly” flows like a river across a rocky shore. As is so often the case with music this grandly ambitious, long tracks like “Up From Eden” and “Emptiness From Yours and Mine,” their melodies bold and atmosphere full of hope and wonder, best represent the sound TFN hears in its head. Sometimes the upbeat nature of the band’s music starts to strain – an occasional minor key never hurt anybody, guys. But that’s a minor quibble – in general Eternal Movement succeeds as an artistic translation of visceral elation.