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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Transex - The Heart of the State 7"EP (White Zoo)

Transex The Heart of the State White Zoo
14 August 2012

In an odd twist of events, the Killed By Death compilations have inspired a new generation of punk rockers who refer to their music as “KBD punk.” Rather than ape the ’80s hardcore that the kids worship, these bands slow down a bit and add a pop sensibility to their songs in tribute to the great forgotten bands documented on those classic bootleg collections so many years ago. Italy’s Transex embrace this scene with a fury, releasing four songs that could have been recorded 25 years ago, had the band existed then.

“Cops Are Gays” opens with a catchy hook that recalls England in the late ’70s, a perfect predecessor to the stellar cover of The Cortinas‘ “Fascist Dictator.” Side B ups the ante with “Gotta Go,” an excellent composition that blends the best elements of The Buzzcocks with Slaughter and the Dogs. “Red Brigades” closes, a seemingly cheeky nod to the multitude of songs written with that name set to an insistent Wire-ish vibe.

This third record from Transex is the first from Southern Italy’s, White Zoo Records – a strong debut from a label devoted to bringing us the best Italian KBD punk. The hot pink vinyl is only a bonus.