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Wume - Maintain (Ehse)

Wume Maintain Ehse
27 May 2015

Baltimore-via-Chicago duo, Wume, expand further into the universe with a second release of hypnotic “kosmische musik.”

Heavily rooted in electronic krautrock, Maintain throbs and pulses with Al Schatz’s layered synthesizers propelled by April Camlin’s exquisitely complex drumming. Arpeggiated keyboards waft in cosmic ambiance, building, receding, yet ever-flowing into unknown dimensions of space, while impossibly syncopated organic drums create a mathematical spaceship to jettison the constantly morphing patterns into unknown territory. The result is somewhere between mid-‘70s Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze’s compositions from later that decade and Kraftwerk between Autobahn and Radioactivity, though without coming off as derivative rehashings of the past.

Where electronic music has given way to inane house thumping and stagnant new age, Wume remain engaging by focusing on composition over anything else. Get into the rocket, but don’t expect to come home any time soon.