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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Boots N' Booze Vol. 4: Swingin' Utters

26 December 2023

Punk troubadours Swingin’ Utters have evolved their songwriting from merely paying homage to the ‘working class’ rabble-rousers of the UK to distinguishing themselves with more introspective lyricism and diverse instrumentation within their haunting ballads. After establishing themselves as Bay Area stalwarts, the ‘Utters proved to be the missing link between ‘street punk’ and The Pogues, weaving tales of balladry with alleyway proving grounds littered with bottles and cigarettes.

The newest edition of Pirates Press’ graphic novel Boots N’ Glory celebrates the raucous origins of Swingin’ Utters by having artists James Reitano, Joel Loya, Danny Boy Smith, and a bevy of others bring the ‘Utters to life with their engaging, colorful comic depictions of the poetic rogues that still stand over 25 years since their inception. Within these pages, we learn their backstory and the sly anecdote behind singer Johnny ‘Peebucks’ Bonnel’s moniker.
Boots N’ Booze takes us through the wild parties the ‘Utters often played, history lessons of Santa Cruz Sharps, and the songwriting evolution of a band that can capture a pub’s gang chorus in one brazen stanza and turn the page to a poignant, introspective ballad just as fast. Complemented with a 7” of the ‘Utters lovingly covering Cock Sparrer, nothing seems more fitting than to read Boots N’ Glory cover to cover while spinning this single.