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Chris Davis: December 12, 2010

Top 10 7” Singles from Captured Tracks

Brooklyn, NY-based Captured Tracks has become one of my favorite new labels. Around for less than 3 years, the label already has nearly 90 consistently top notch releases to its credit. As I have become quite a junkie for all things Captured Tracks of late, I decided to use this week’s list to highlight 10 of my favorite 7” that they’ve put out (with the usual caveat that I have only chosen one release per artist). These are not ranked but, rather, listed according to release date/catalog number. Enjoy! And please chime in with your likes, dislikes, etc.

  1. Wild Nothing – ‘Summer Holiday’ 7” (CT-035)

    The first single from one of this year’s breakout indie success stories, Jack Tatum who performs as Wild Nothing. Most of you are probably already familiar with this one but, for those who aren’t, you can expect a blissful, dreamy sound that harks back to C86 and mid-period Cure amongst other influences. (Wild Nothing’s debut LP Gemini, also put out by Captured Tracks, placed 22nd in Jack’s newest Top 40 too!)

  2. Wetdog – ‘Lower Leg’ 7” (CT-039)

    The blurb about this single from the Norman Records newsletter describes this band as “spiky pop music” in the vein of the Slits or Raincoats. I’m not going to better that description.

  3. The Soft Moon – ‘Breathe the Fire” 7” (CT-047)

    Do you like the propulsive minimal, motorik stylings of 70’s Krautrock pioneers Neu!? If your answer is “yes”, then chances are better than not that you are going to take an instant shine to this SF crew. With the exception of Wild Nothing, I’ve listened more to this than any other Captured Tracks release. Fantastic!

  4. Minks – ‘Funeral Song’ 7” (CT-048)

    If your first instinct when you see the name of the A-side here is to think of the Cure classic “Funeral Party”, then you will not be surprised when you hit play here and the music (though not the vocal) sounds like a dead ringer for that band’s mid-80’s output. Synth-driven, staccato-basslined, neo-new wave.

  5. La La Vasquez – ‘Hello’ 7” (CT-052)

    This minimal, all-girl, postpunk trio hails from London and reminds me a hell of a lot of LiLiPUT and Au Pairs, amongst others.

  6. Cosmetics – ‘Sleepwalking’ 7” (CT-055)

    Mid-tempo, moody, synth-driven electronic pop from this Vancouver, BC duo.

  7. Veronica Falls – ‘Beachy Head’ 7” (CT-074)

    Lo-fi, indiepop that has shades of 60’s Nuggets and surfrock influence but does not sound like a throwback at all.

  8. Craft Spells – ‘Party Talk’ 7” (CT-081)

    Catchy, sunshiny, electronic pop born in the bedroom of a 22-year old Californian named Justin Paul Vallesteros.

  9. Further Reductions – ‘Decidedly So’ 7” (CT-082)

    Minimal synthpop that reminds of 80’s European cold wave/dark wave.

  10. Beach Fossils – ‘Face It’ 7” (CT-084)

    Dreamy, reverby, lo-fi pop from this Brooklyn group that had garnered quite a bit of attention and success with the release of their self-titled debut LP this year.