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Michael Keane: June 15, 2017

Being new around here, I am using my first Top 10 list to get ten bands off my chest. Here are a list of bands I wish would have been more prolific. Their limited output is near and dear to my ears. To make matters even worse, I only saw one of them in concert.

  1. Laguardia
    Laguardia’s only album was put out in 2004. It is a perfect mix of interesting melodies with a punk snarl tied together with piano/keyboard runs. Given some of the members past bands, I can only imagine they would have crushed it live. In my opinion this is a perfect album.

  2. Handsome
    I almost had the chance to see them at Coney Island High on St. Marks in NYC but the show was cancelled. Only one self-titled album was released in 1997 and they disbanded by 1998. I can still hear their influence in bands now. This one gets a full listen from end to end multiple times a year. A flash in the pan post-hardcore classic. Look it up!

  3. The Fire Theft
    Now this one can be argued to be another Sunny Day Real Estate album given three-quarters of that band IS the Fire Theft. I still feel there is enough of a difference to treat as a separate entity.

  4. Wool
    This was the result of Scream disbanding for well-known reasons. One LP from 1993 and an EP as well. They have since released previously unavailable recordings. This is another one I really do miss and would wish I had in a tiny club.

  5. dayinthelife…
    The only band from this list I did see live: one night at NY’s Irving Plaza and it was a killer show. Their single album still sounds fresh and is a perfect summation of early 90’s second (some may say third) wave of NYHC.

  6. Low Pop Suicide
    Two albums and a few EPs. They did a great job experimenting with the harsher side of indie/ alternative. I often wonder how they would have evolved their sound over time.

  7. Now Its Overhead
    One of Saddle Creek’s early gems. A one-man studio outfit that formed into a band. A bit more prolific than others on this list but sorely missed. Each song was an experience and very introspective. Easy to get lost in while wearing headphones, every time hearing something new in the mix.

  8. Brazil
    Two LPs, the second one really moved the needle on song structure. Both albums still sound modern, no easy feat especially in the alternative rock realm where they were lumped.

  9. Hash
    First heard them on college radio. Excellent musicianship, very catchy songs with a bit of funkiness.

  10. Follow For Now
    This band really takes me back to the type of music played at Wetlands. No doubt influenced by Living Colour, Fishbone, and early Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as hip-hop. I have read that their studio album did not give justice to their live performances. I wouldn’t know!