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The Big Takeover Issue #93

Katherine Yeske Taylor

Katherine Yeske Taylor is a longtime New Yorker, but she began her rock critic career in Atlanta in the 1990s, interviewing Georgia musical royalty such as Indigo Girls, R.E.M. and the Black Crowes while she was still a teenager. Since then, she has conducted thousands of interviews with a wide range of artists for dozens of national, regional, and local magazines and newspapers, including Billboard, Spin, American Songwriter, FLOOD, etc. She is the author of two forthcoming books: She’s a Badass: Women in Rock Shaping Feminism (out December 2023 via Backbeat Books), and she’s helping Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello write his memoir, Rock the Hützpah: Undestructible Ukrainian in the Free World (out in late 2024 via Matt Holt Books/BenBella). She also contributed to two prestigious music books (Rolling Stone’s Alt-Rock-A-Rama and The Trouser Press Guide to ’90s Rock). She has written album liner notes and PR materials for several major musical artists. You can find all of her recent articles at, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram by finding her at “Katherine Yeske Taylor – Music Journalist.”

Interview and Premiere: Holly Ramos of FUR

4 April 2024

Thirty years after it was made, Holly Ramos premieres the video for “Beautiful Wreck” by her former band FUR

Interview: Dave Stewart

13 March 2024

Eurythmics mastermind Dave Stewart returns with a new tour featuring that band’s beloved songs, as well as a new rock opera and film

Interview: Al Jourgensen of Ministry

25 February 2024

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen discusses the legendary industrial band’s new album, HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES – and why he’ll soon wind down the group for good

Interview: Tobey Torres-Doran of Mojave Phone Booth

26 October 2023

Former Snake River Conspiracy singer Tobey Torres discusses her current band, Mojave Phone Booth

A Long Interview with Yoshiki

5 October 2023

Japanese superstar Yoshiki discusses his October classical world tour, his debut as a film director, the emotional and physical strength he’s shown throughout his life, and his intense desire to help himself – and his beloved fans – with his music

Interview: Diane Gentile

15 September 2023

Singer-songwriter Diane Gentile discusses her latest album, The Bad and the Beautiful

Interview: Graham Parker

8 September 2023

“Discovering Japan” and “Local Girls” singer-songwriter Graham Parker discusses his latest studio album, Last Chance to Learn the Twist

Interview: Mike Mills (ex-R.E.M.) Discusses The Baseball Project

21 July 2023

Former R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills discusses his current band, the supergroup The Baseball Project

Interview: Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) Discusses His New Side Band, Deaf Charlie

16 July 2023

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament discusses Deaf Charlie, his new band with Fitz and the Tantrums drummer John Wicks

Interview: Joe Langridge-Brown of Nothing But Thieves

6 July 2023

Nothing But Thieves guitarist/lyricist Joe Langridge-Brown discusses the band’s ambitious fourth album, Dead Club City

Interview: Russell Mael of Sparks

26 May 2023

Sparks vocalist Russell Mael discusses his band’s legendary career, including their latest album, The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte

Judy Collins - photo 1

Interview: Judy Collins

3 April 2023

As she’s honored with a She Rocks “Icon” award, legendary performer Judy Collins discusses her seven-decade career

Ville Valo

Interview: Ville Valo of H.I.M. Goes Solo

21 January 2023

Ville Valo, former H.I.M. frontman, discusses his newly-released debut solo album, Neon Noir

The Bad Ends

Interview: Bill Berry (ex-R.E.M.) & Mike Mantione (Five Eight) of The Bad Ends

20 January 2023

Bill Berry (ex-*R.E.M.* drummer) and Mike Mantione (Five Eight frontman) discuss their new band, The Bad Ends

Steve Conte

Interview: Steve Conte

31 December 2022

Steve Conte discusses his remarkable career as a guitarist for New York Dolls and many others, as well as his thriving solo career

Karl Wallinger of World Party

Interview: Karl Wallinger of World Party

18 November 2022

World Party frontman Karl Wallinger discusses reissuing early albums – and previews the band’s upcoming release

Kid Congo Powers photo

Interview: Kid Congo Powers

12 November 2022

Kid Congo Powers (member of The Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Gun Club, etc.) discusses releasing his memoir and two new albums

Darren Hayes lead photo

Interview: Darren Hayes

11 November 2022

Former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes discusses his latest solo album, Homosexual

Travis lead photo

Interview with Fran Healy of Travis

9 November 2022

Travis frontman Fran Healy discusses touring, new music on the way – and laundry

Robyn Hitchcock

Interview: Robyn Hitchcock

6 November 2022

Robyn Hitchcock discusses his surreal, witty new album, Shufflemania!

Amy Ray

Interview: Amy Ray (of Indigo Girls)

15 October 2022

Amy Ray (Indigo Girls) discusses her tenth solo album, If It All Goes South

Tim Burgess

Interview: Tim Burgess (The Charlatans)

23 September 2022

The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess discusses his ambitious latest solo album, Typical Music

Trapper Schoepp & Leroy

Interview: Trapper Schoepp (with Leroy, the Boston Terrier)

13 September 2022

Trapper Schoepp discusses his single “I Am a Rider” (and its video co-starring Leroy, the Boston Terrier)

Freedy Johnston photo

Interview: Freedy Johnston

12 September 2022

Freedy Johnston discusses Back on the Road to You, his tenth studio album (and his first in seven years)

Goo Goo Dolls

Interview: John Rzeznik of Goo Goo Dolls

8 August 2022

Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik discusses the band’s 13th album, Chaos in Bloom

ABC frontman Martin Fry

A Brief Chat with ABC Frontman Martin Fry

7 July 2022

ABC frontman Martin Fry discusses COVID’s effects, and what comes next for the band

JB Dunckel

Interview: JB Dunckel of Air Discusses Solo Album

24 June 2022

JB Dunckel – half of the celebrated electronic band Air – discusses his new solo album, Carbon

Slowdive's Neil Halstead

Interview: Neil Halstead of Slowdive Discusses The Unknown Country

16 April 2022

Slowdive frontman Neil Halstead talks about working on the soundtrack for indie film The Unknown Country

Day Wave

Interview: Jackson Phillips of Day Wave

29 March 2022

Jackson Phillips, the mastermind behind acclaimed dream pop act Day Wave, discusses the band’s latest single, upcoming album, and his career overall

Stabbing Westward

Interview: Stabbing Westward frontman Christopher Hall

27 March 2022

Christopher Hall of Stabbing Westward discusses Chasing Ghosts, the band’s first album in 21 years, as well as their career overall

Wolf Alice

Interview: Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice

21 March 2022

Wolf Alice frontwoman Ellie Rowsell discusses the band’s current North American tour, their distinctive sound, and why their fans are so fervent


Interview: Quinquis

10 March 2022

Quinquis (f/k/a Tiny Feet) discusses Seim, the album inspired by her home on the isolated island of Ushant

Peter Hook

Interview: Peter Hook (of Peter Hook & the Light, New Order, and Joy Division)

3 March 2022

In his first interview in more than two years, Peter Hook candidly discusses his career with Joy Division, New Order, and Peter Hook & the Light

Zach Condon of Beirut

Interview: Zach Condon of Beirut

25 February 2022

As he releases Artifacts, a compilation double album of early releases, Beirut mastermind Zach Condon discusses how he’s always taken an esoteric and world-minded musical path

Eli Young Band

Interview: Jon Jones of Eli Young Band

19 January 2022

Eli Young Band bassist Jon Jones discusses the band’s unique, uplifting sound, their latest music – and why everyone should give country music a chance

Jesse Malin & Friends

Jesse Malin & Friends Discuss Their Holiday Shows Benefitting Howie Pyro

9 December 2021

Jesse Malin and a slew of other stars talk about their upcoming holiday shows in New York and L.A. to benefit musician and DJ Howie Pyro

Enuff Z'Nuff photo

Interview: Chip Z’Nuff of Enuff Z’Nuff

12 November 2021

Enuff Z’Nuff bassist/vocalist Chip Z’Nuff discusses the band’s latest release, Enuff Z’Nuff’s Hardrock Nite, covering songs by *The Beatles and their related projects


Interview: Taylor Hanson

5 November 2021

Hanson singer/keyboardist Taylor Hanson discusses the band’s seventh studio album, Against the World, and the importance of determination and a positive attitude

Aaron Lee Tasjan

Interview: Singer-Songwriter Aaron Lee Tasjan

20 October 2021

Aaron Lee Tasjan discusses his fall solo acoustic tour, his remarkably eclectic and wide-ranging approach to songwriting, and connecting with listeners through positivity

Royston Langdon

Interview: Royston Langdon

18 October 2021

Royston Langdon discusses his new six-song EP, Chains, as well as his career overall

Verve Pipe photo 1

Interview: The Verve Pipe frontman Brian Vander Ark

15 October 2021

The Verve Pipe frontman *Brian Vander Ark” discusses the band’s new studio album, Threads, and looks back on their hit “The Freshman” and other career highlightsVerve Pipe photo 2


Interview: SWIMM frontman Chris Hess

10 October 2021

Chris Hess of dream rock band SWIMM discusses making it through pandemic isolation and getting back to shows, their upcoming new album, and the group’s origin story

Jude Cole photo

Interview: Jude Cole

9 October 2021

Singer-songwriter Jude Cole discusses the two albums he’s released this year – his first new releases in more than twenty years – as well as his successful career managing Lifehouse and others

The Connells

Interview: The Connells

11 September 2021

Mike Connell and Doug MacMillan of The Connells discuss their career – and Steadman’s Wake, their first new studio album in 20 years

Yann Tiersen photo

Interview: Yann Tiersen

1 September 2021

Celebrated avant-garde musician and composer Yann Tiersen discusses Kerber, his latest (and most daring) studio album

Colin Hay

Interview: Colin Hay

8 August 2021

Colin Hay discusses his new covers album, I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself, and the vinyl release of his 2001 album Going Somewhere

Joshua Radin

Interview: Joshua Radin

8 August 2021

On The Ghost and the Wall, gold-selling Americana singer-songwriter Joshua Radin explores his fear of intimacy

Ursa Minor

Interview: Ursa Minor

3 August 2021

Longtime New York City alternative rock band Ursa Minor discuss their latest studio album, Sian Ka’an

Willa Amai photo 1

Interview: Willa Amai

22 July 2021

Linda Perry’s protégé Willa Amai discusses her debut album, I Can Go to Bed Whenever

Michael Franti

Interview: Michael Franti

11 July 2021

Spearhead frontman Michael Franti discusses his life in Indonesia during the pandemic, and how he uses his music and shows to help others get through hard times