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The Big Takeover Issue #87

Bethany Lake

Beth Lake is a published playwright and book critic for publications such as Write Magazine, PRISM international, Atlantic Books Today, and The Furious Gazelle. Her music obsession began at the age of four when the crazed voice of Wolfman Jack on the American Graffiti soundtrack came barrelling out of the speakers on her family’s 8-Track/record player. Those musicians nearest and dearest to her include David Bowie, Tom Waits, Talking Heads, David Byrne (solo), James Taylor, Patti Smith, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Iggy Pop. When she is not editing her fiction manuscript or working for The Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies, she can be found digging through the stacks at Select Sounds, her favorite record store in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

David Bowie Diamond Dogs album cover

David Bowie: Revisiting Diamond Dogs in the Age of Covid-19

12 September 2020

Amidst a pandemic, political unrest, and economic distress, Diamond Dogs offers a new translation to a listener in 2020. David Bowie infused his talent for changing personas directly into the album itself as though he knew something that we did not. It is almost if he knew this was coming.