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The Big Takeover Issue #93

Leland McCarthy

Leland started writing for the Big Takeover in 2020. A shameless lover of music and Salt Lake City resident. Leland has little for professional credentials, but loves music with unfettered passion and fever. He spends his days focusing on writing new music, seeing live music, and spending evenings sprawled on his floor by his Hi-Fi system. If you ever meet him, he’ll probably be eager to buy you a beer if you want to talk about music.

Triggers and Slips - The Stranger

Triggers and Slips - The Stranger (self-released)

13 February 2020

Triggers and Slips – A Band Breathing New Life in to the Roots Rock and Alt-Country.

Home Leigh Goth Daughter

Home Leigh - Goth Daughter

6 February 2020

Home Leigh Goth Daughter: finding their own voice and place in the Beehive State and in the post-riot grrrl scene.