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The Big Takeover Issue #94

Marcel Feldmar

Marcel Feldmar has been writing music reviews for The Big Takeover since sometime in the 90’s. Originally from Vancouver (Canada) he has been working with, in, for, and around the music industry since the mid 80’s. He has played drums in too many bands to mention and has also played the part of the record label intern and hipster record store employee. Other than The Big Takeover, where he has published interviews with bands such as Hot Hot Heat, Kinski, The Tindersticks, Simon Joyner, and Sparklehorse, Marcel’s writings have also appeared in Ink 19, Terminal City, Insight Magazine, and The Tablet.

While always loving the musical journalism, he has also written several short stories, a couple of novels and is currently working on a comic book series. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, and three small dogs with very big attitudes.

Ben Chisholm: Ghosts in the Attic

10 February 2024

“I’m a sucker for the healing power you can mine in bleak hopelessness. There’s something that happens in the depressed arts where it can wash over you, resonating in harmony with your own sadness, and soothe it away for a while.” – Ben Chisholm

Sunday Morning: More Than A Restless Feeling

25 January 2024

“I rediscovered the art of collaboration and how that collaborative experience is so often more vital than the end result. I’ve learned a lot over the past years about the importance of not working in vacuum.” – Bruce Wilson

In The Warmth of Winter: An Interview with Projekt Records' Sam Rosenthal

21 December 2023

“It’s honestly weird to realize that I’m now an “oldies” act, and the music is getting discovered by a new generation.” – Sam Rosenthal

Fetchin Bones: Live Band Rockin’

12 December 2023

“There are lots of ways to make money that suck. Making art shouldn’t one of them. It should be fun and if it makes money and people like it, that’s like an extra bonus!” – Hope Nicholls

Casey X. Waits: All You Need is a Hundred Dollar Mic

7 December 2023

“All the sound choices I make are out of ignorance and accessibility. I’m like a self-taught surgeon using the tools he finds in the backseat of his car.” – Casey X. Waits