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Ladytron - Thalia Hall (Chicago) - May 29th, 2024

30 May 2024

There’s something to be said for a band who can captivate you for 25 years! It’s 2024 but Ladytron can still awe an audience like always and bring a bit of magic from the United Kingdom to Chicago and, in those exact moments, it’s where we rediscover our love for music!

Last year, Ladytron released their 7th album, Time’s Arrow, and the band played some of the mesmerizing tracks from this such as “Faces,” “City of Angels” and “California” in their 90 minute set. They still made space for old favorites, though, like the classic “Playgirl,” “Seventeen” and “Discotraxx.” Over the years, their sound has been a consistent enchanting mix of darkness and Britpop shimmers with soaring Korg melodies that served to elevate the seductive vocals of both Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo in a way that casts a certain musical spell. The more you listen, the more you want to hear!

As the mood and energy built up within the sold out crowd, it felt increasingly like the outside world didn’t exist at all. You could feel the chord progressions coursing and vibrating inside you and the drum beat making your body shake. This is everything that a live show should be-a culmination of the best moments of a band and a shared experience that leaves you gasping! Without saying very much banter, Ladytron established themselves as a momentous presence in music! The visuals accompanying the band also heightened the cinematic experience. The motions of colors and lights made for a sensation of floating and, at other times, a dancing sensation too depending on how rapidly they moved with the music. This wasn’t a mere concert! It was a cinematic experience!

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