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A Short Conversation with Noble Barz

5 January 2021

Let’s start with the name as in many ways those two words were chosen to sum up a sound and an approach to how you make music?

Noble Barz: I first want to say thank you for having me on The Big Takeover platform. I consider it a privilege as this is primarily a rock and indie site. Thank you for the invite. I don’t know if I am the first-ever hip-hop artist to be featured on The Big Takeover if so or not I am still grateful for this opportunity to talk.

To answer your question I formerly performed under the moniker Barz Noble and some publications will still reflect that in one’s online search prior to the recent switch to Noble Barz. The name switch came about as a result of me acquiring legal counsel and in this phase of my music tenure to oversee some music matters in relation to my brand, the suggestion of the switch to Noble Barz came up during one of our consultations with my lawyer so Noble Barz still represents who I am artistic wise. The word ‘Noble’ involves character or distinction that identifies the voice of content within the delivery to inform and convey the message while the word ‘Barz’ refers to the musical and artistic aspect connected to the delivery. It is my hope that existing and new listeners get that positive vibe and approach from the Noble Barz sound.

And more specifically, is there a signature sound to your music or genres that you feel that you lean towards?

Noble Barz: Hip hop is my foundational base and platform in delivery but since my sophomore project S.C.O.A.P. (Soul Chapters of a Poetic) which persons can cop at the buy section on my website link that I will provide at the end of this interview. As listeners of my freshman release “Symphonic Signatures” have known already while new listeners will notice a more soulful element to my sound especially on the upcoming projects for the bulk of it sonic-wise.

How did you get into making music, can you tell us a bit about the journey which has got you to where you are today?

Noble Barz: It was nothing growing up at home in the Bahamas on any given Saturday or weekends to hear my Mom play a diverse range of music on the sound system from her favorite collection of vinyl records, tapes, compact discs in the later years and tuning in to her favorite radio stations. I fondly remember soulful oldies, inspirational, gospel, reggae, soca, calypso, country, soft rock, rhythm and blues the list goes on I knew from that point the love and interest for music as a whole sparked from those moments growing up as a kid to adulthood. On a regular basis while listening to the aforementioned ranges of genre by songs I develop an interest in song structure, melody, and how the layers within the songs are arranged. As a music artist from the Caribbean even though hip-hop music is my expressive avenue I appreciate the universal dynamics of the one sound I have come to believe that art is an extension of life and that music is at the heart of it.

Lyrically there is real depth to the message of the songs. What is it you are trying to say to the listener, what would you like people to take away from your words?

Noble Barz: Thank you I appreciate that the real depth to the message of the songs is intentional. I won’t have it any other way as a Creative who just happens to be a recording artist. I see music as a reflection and as earlier mentioned an extension of life, take your pick and connect to what identifies with you. To further add I believe that every song I record may not be for everyone but someone can connect to whether it be a bar or a groove from it that can take them somewhere and inspired to move forward in an aspect in their life whether big or small that’s real talk.

You have collaborated with lots of other artists along the way, what have been some of the highlights?

Noble Barz: It’s crazy that you asked if a lot of those collaborations may or may not see the light of day. It was fun and still is fun working with other creatives. If a work I had collaborated with another is a fit for an upcoming Noble Barz project or theirs it’s coming out from that vault if I have anything to do with it but I can only speak for myself on this as it’s not about a timestamp in genre or style it will always be about the music.

It’s been a tough year for musicians, how have you weathered the storm and stayed positive and creative?

Noble Barz: Yes, it’s been a tough year but on the positive & creative note through this pandemic, in particular, more during the early part, I had more time to write and record new music for my upcoming project to be released for this current year and also for another full-length project in the future down the pipeline. So I harness that time to work creatively and rebrand and here we have Noble Barz.

And where next for Noble Barz?

Noble Barz: I am preparing to release my 3rd solo full length but it will be my 1st under the new moniker Noble Barz titled “T.S.I.R.” meaning The Struggle Is Real that 11-track album features production with a sonic range of jazz, reggae, r&b, Caribbean & soul infusions with just a sprinkle of live instrumentation treatments throughout the project. On the other hand, songs lyrically will touch on some social and relationship issues with a view of life both from a practical & spiritual approach other than that I am in talks with various media facilitators & working on placements for some overseas opportunities aside from that the new music is coming along to build now as Noble Barz so stay tuned.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us

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