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Interview: Two-Man Giant Squid

13 August 2023

Two-Man Giant Squid is a prominent band in the fast rising Brooklyn post punk scene. Their initial release was a solo project by frontman Mitch Vinokur. It eventually got scooped up by WFUV’s Sam Sumpter and later named their “EP of the Year” in 2022. After requests to play live, a band was enlisted and shows in NYC’s most storied venues ensued. Their 2023 album, Intro To Basement will be put out by Mint 400 Records and is an ode to the DIY roots that launched the band a year ago.

Q: Can you pinpoint some specific songs and songwriters that changed the way you write music?

When I first started taking writing seriously. It was because I had recently gotten obsessed with Titus Andronicus’ “The Monitor”. The way that album unfolds really struck a chord with me. I was also hearing a lot of early modest mouse at the time and I wanted to write guitar parts like that. Nowadays I’m trying to write a little dancier stuff. LCD Soundsystem has been an influence. I’ve always loved James Murphys lyrics.

Q: Do you find it hard to be inspired by artists that are younger than you, or are you motivated by their energy? Can you name any new artists you find inspiring?

Definitely motivated by their energy. I think I missed out because I started writing music a little later than most. Which stinks because when you’re younger, sometimes that’s when you have the most meaning full things to say. Now my lyrics are a little more jaded. Bands like the districts and twin peaks have always been inspirations to me and those are young dudes with some heavy things to say.

Q: For your new album, what inspired the lyrical content, album title, and overall vibe?

The overall vibe was curated by our first year as a band in NYC. We were playing everything from basements to Mercury Lounge and I wanted to write things that could get a crowd moving or crying wherever we where. “The crowd” is heavily involved in this album. It’s meant to be heard at a show or to make you feel like your at a show.

Q: Do you find that you deliberate over writing songs and hold on to them for a long time before including them on a record? Or do you prefer to write them, release them, and be done with them? Do you ever re-visit old material to do a re-write or once it’s done it’s done?

I definitely prefer to write and release right away. But unfortunately that’s very hard to do these days. And I tend to write a song to like 80% and then instead of finishing it I’ll deliberate for weeks and months tweaking the most minor of things. It’s definitely something I’m trying to get away from. Some of the best stuff I’ve written has been completed in the shortest time.

Q: What’s up next for the band?

We have a full album dropping on 8/18 ‘Intro To Basement’ via Mint 400 Records and then a big album release show at Babys All Right on 8/31. See you out there!

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