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Album Premiere: Dei Lucrii EP by Dei Lucrii

Dei Lucrii 2
16 November 2018

Dei Lucrii – Photo Credit: Steven Garcia

Hailing from Southern California, brand new L.A. punk outfit Dei Lucrii is made up of several ex-members of long-playing psych-rock/punk bands.

While the group had their hand in acts like The Cigarette Bums, Las Cruxes, and NOYES, the new project aims at taking on a new sound and approach to the L.A. music scene.

Comprised of Nate Paris-Hernandez (guitar, vocals), Daniel Garcia (bass, vocals), Jaime Rosas (guitar, keys), and Mitch Rossiter (drums), the band members are kicking Dei Lucrii off with the upcoming release of their debut self-titled EP, which The Big Takeover is excited to premiere here. They also plan to tour the U.S. and Mexico in early 2019. This is just the beginning for the new-match up of seasoned players.

The band drops some details about the new EP and their outlook, commenting, “Our self-titled EP is a collection of songs written by Nate (guitar, vocals) and Daniel (bass, vocals), pieced together by the full band. While it’s just a snapshot of the sound we’re developing, we feel it’s a good representation of where we’re headed in the near future with our music. The layered, dynamic tracks are meant to feel cohesive together, but also singular in their own right, and we’re excited to continue developing the new project and see where it takes us.”

On EP-opener “Ghost Ex”, Dei Lucrii takes desert-/psych-rock out for a cool spin, replete with driving rhythms, fiery, but extended guitar lines, a touch of spectral organ, and kinetic push of the bass line, drums, and cymbals. Next number “Apathy” goes for pounding and jumpin’ noise-rock as grinding guitars cycle against the drum pummel. Voices are direct and exclaimed in true punk style.

“Eastside’s Finest” flows with more melodic vocals and a propulsive pace. A stormy tumult of burning, but hard-edged guitar riffage surrounds the listener on “Surface”. The roiling turmoil is swept along even further by the urgent drum strikes and bass line undertow. Last track “Noir” is a clash of deep-diving, jagged guitar lines and tight rhythmic groove. Sing-talking (Well, more like sing-shouting) vocals matter-of-factly tackle bleak lyrics like, _“I fell into a hole of self-destruction.” Contrary to the aforementioned lyrics, this energetic and gritty EP will definitely shake and stir up listeners.