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Album Premiere: Omens by Futurist

20 September 2019

Futurist – Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Brooklyn-based (by way of Colorado) alt/psych-rock band Futurist are slated to release their second album, Omens, on September 27th.

Led by central songwriter Curtis Peel, the project features psychedelic rock and heartfelt songwriting, achieving a sound best described as “future-classic.” By virtue of experimentation, a multimedia vision, and an energetic delivery, Futurist creates a wall of sound that ignites audiences with their own style and modern mythology.

Futurist release their first album, War Is Yesterday (2011) through a multimedia, interactive art installation and interdisciplinary album release event. The band teamed up with some of New York City’s most innovative young artists to create both an interactive walk-through album and interdisciplinary live performance of the record.

With appeal for both lovers of space-age and vintage music, Futurist has been likened to the visions of Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, and Spoon. The group are known for their associations with folk-lore and psychedelia, with elements of this culture permeating the group’s instrumentation, effects, and composition.

During the extended break following the release of War Is Yesterday, Futurist have undergone some substantive changes in their overall aesthetic and collaborators. Moving away from the lighter, indie folk-rock sounds from their debut LP, the band have clearly developed some deeper and more nuanced styles that are featured throughout Omens.

The album is more technologically ambitious, as can be heard on tracks such as the dramatic “Slow Motion,” the dreamy, but angst-filled “Bad Air, Still Water,” and the harrowing and experimental “Harakiri.” Futurist have embraced their modern tools to create a hybrid sound that is both traditional and forward-looking.

Peel’s lyrics on songs such as rich piano ballad “Olive Mountain,” the wistful reverie “Crazy Eights,” and symphonic album-ender “Behold! (Lullaby for the End of Days)” all touch upon our modern malaise and the compulsive outrage that plagues this era of instant gratification and non-stop news cycles.

All the while, the urgent, yet spare rock anthem “Born on Fire” and the gentle, harmony-laden “All I Ever Wanted” prove that the band has not lost touch with their optimistic roots. Both the production and range of this record are the very good omens that herald where this band is headed in the future.

Futurist - Omens

Futurist have two new music videos coming out before the end of the year and some fall shows to be announced at their Website