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NEWS: Dispel's "Modal Consequence" a Gothic medieval battleground

12 November 2019


It’s always nervous territory for an artist to present their music to listeners for the first time, especially if they are going by an artist name that is equally new to the world. Even if an artist is seasoned through experience with many projects, going it alone under a new moniker can be quite nerve-racking. Fortunately Dispel, a dark electronic collective hailing from the United States, pulls off their debut single par excellence.

Their debut single ‘Modal Consequence’ is the first taste of Dispel’s forthcoming album Lore. Featuring powerhouse vocals by an artist who goes by the name Ravensea, this is danceable electro-goth anthem that gets amped up even further with a creative music video seemingly inspired by the kind of quest you find in Dungeons and Dragons.

With beautiful mezzo-soprano vocals by Ravensea against glacial industrial rhythms by Scott Doland (aka Scott Dispel), this track is addictive, laced with dark electronic melodies, vocal hooks, driving beats and oscillating keyboards – like a musical narrative praising historic lore, mythology, and mysticism.

This album was produced by Mike Textbeak, a Cleopatra Records artist (as TEXTBEAK) and early DJ from the Witchhouse scene. He has worked with an impressive line-up including legendary producer John Fryer, Mark Stewart, Bestial Mouths, Peter Hope, Cyanotic, Vaselyne and Searmanas, to name but a few. An expert in underground music, he hosts the weekly CXB7 radio show on Hexx 9 Radio.

Comprised of nine tracks, this album was mastered at The Cage Studios in Coventry, UK by Martin Bowes of Attrition, well known for his work with Nine Inch Nails, Psychic TV and Steven Severin of Siouxsie & the Banshees.

Dispel is a trio comprised of Scott Dispel, Ravensea, and Sean Gallows. Scott Dispel was a founding member of the old school hardcore band Face Value and is also drummer for TEXTBEAK. A studio engineer and producer, in 2005, he was voted Cleveland’s best nightclub DJ by Scene Magazine.

“Modal Consequence is about the Threshold stage of the Heros’ Journey. This is the moment where the Hero/Heroin takes that first step into that dangerous realm of the unknown. Leaving the comfort or stagnation of their known limits. It’s an important step to growth, but the journey will be full of unknown and often descisive challenges,” explains Scott Dispel.

“Ravensea sings the Chorus “My bones they scream with warning…” Encouraging and preparing our Hero for the trials ahead… We hope to inspire others to take the first step to “attacking their destiny” to becoming the best versions of themselves and in having the courage to strive for achievement, despite the unknown challenges that will surely arise.”

Dispel’s music is inspired by such artists as Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Clan of Xymox, Depeche Mode, VNV Nation and Blutengle on the one hand and Delerium, The Misfits and The Cramps, on the other.

After completing a degree in music and recording studio internship, Scott Dispel’s commitment to the art of music was solidified. Feeling the local underground scene was sorely lacking and inspired by Fantasy gaming, mythology and mysticism, the foundation was set. Fate again intervened when he met Ravensea, a Berklee Vocal Performance / Music Therapy major, offering a powerful voice and insight to the secret of music’s transcendence of language and cultural barriers. This secret is a revelation, so pure, simple and true… “Music is an integral part of our emotional lives.”

The ‘Modal Consequence’ video was directed, filmed and edited by Rafeeq Roberts. Scott Dispel fills the role of the Plague Doctor, Mystic & Black Knight. Ravensea appears as herself. Jennifer Haney plays the Sorcerous, as well as handling make-up and wardrobe. Levie Mckenzie plays the Crusading Knight, in addition to handling armor, weapons and fight choreography.

‘Modal Consequence’ is out digitally via Dispel’s website and Bandcamp, where it is offered as a free download. The full Lore album will be released on January 10, available on vinyl and CD, as well as digital download. It can already be pre-ordered via the artist’s website HERE

Ravensea – Vocals
Scott Dispel – Drums & Keyboards
Produced by Textbeak
Mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios U.K
Recorded at Dispel Studios
All songs written by Scott Dispel
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Scott Dispel
Music video directed, filmed and edited by Rafeeq Roberts