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News: Electro/pop/rock noir artist Johnny Goth drops his moody new album

Johnny Goth
30 October 2020

Johnny Goth – Photo courtesy of Johnny Goth

In the five years since his first single, Johnny Goth has amassed an ever-growing, cult-like following, with fans excitedly dropping skull emojis in the comments section of his Instagram as they’ve been anticipating his his first proper album.

Often performing as a trio, Goth and his band take to the stage in stark white face paint and black lipstick, his dyed jet black hair hanging in his face while an audience of 20-somethings looks on, entranced. Today, he’s sharing what’s described as his most realized vision yet.

His sprawling 10-song album The Great Awakening see’s him filling out the shoes of the Johnny Goth character, leaving behind some the glistening bedroom pop and instead pulling from Marilyn Manson-esque industrial, spooky church choir sounds, and rumbling 808’s for a atmospheric style all his own.

It’s a space that hasn’t been explored in the dense world of homespun DIY artists, with Johnny Goth’s music sounding at once like it could be heard trickling from a teen’s bedroom and filling the walls of a stadium.

Songs like “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” erupt in widescreen reverie, burnt and mangled guitars spiraling over distorted bass while a hip-hop beat pumps in the background.

Breaking up the album’s widescreen bangers are intimate songs like “Hit Me Right” and “Sanctus Dominae,” which creep along with an Elliott Smith-like intimacy.

Johnny Goth layers his vocals into huge choirs for songs like “Hallelujah” and “Who Should It Be?”, which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tim Burton soundtrack (Johnny Goth actually played Jero Leto’s body double as the Joker in Birds of Prey).

The LP is the perfect soundtrack for this Halloween weekend.

The self-released album is available everywhere now, and it feels like it won’t be long before we’re all living in the rapidly expanding universe that Johnny Goth is building.

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