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Scott Sorry "The Saint of Philadelphia" - A tribute to Roger Segal (Sorry and the Sinatras) featuring Sami Yaffa

10 August 2022

Back in 09 (I think), I got an email asking if we’d be up for playing a show in NJ with Sorry and the Sinatras. I don’t remember if it was from Scott or one of the other guys, but if my very poor memory serves me right, I think it was Roger, the bass player who either set it up and/or seemed to be into the music that we were up to at the time. I was very saddened to hear of his untimely passing back in February this year, and especially after seeing that Scott had been battling cancer (he is now in remission, thankfully). While our band failed to deliver much of a local draw to help out, we had a really great night of music. I remember the guys in the Sinatras saying “if this show was in Philly it would be packed wall to wall..” etc. They were probably right, and as I learned that night, Sorry and the Sinatras were a killer punk rocknroll band.

Straightforward and fierce, gruff vocals with a snarl, heavy and in your face guitars, power chords galore and needling guitar runs, with a full stench of living it and doing so with total authenticity.

I had “Borrowed Time” stuck in my head for about 2 years after that show, and I always hoped to catch them again but we all know how it goes.

“I drink my coffee with a perco-c-c-c-c-cet! I’m living on valium, borrowed time!” I mean, who isn’t? Right? Right?

So I was very happy to see Scott releasing new music, that he was healthy and writing and performing again. But just as Scott sings in the second line of the song: “I don’t want to write this song” – I didn’t want to listen. Roger was too young. My friends were gone too and I didn’t have the balls to write a heartfelt song about it. I just drank more “coffee”.

And damn, did Scott do it right. He even brought in Sami Yaffa of Hanoi Rocks to play bass in Roger’s absence. “The Saint of Philadelphia” is a mid-tempo basher that starts with those signature noodling guitar runs, floor toms getting pounded in the verse while Scott yells in exasperation for his fallen brother. The song comes together with a super catchy chorus followed by more complementary guitar runs and solos, with piano throughout. It is reminiscent of the Sinatras but with an added level of maturity you’d expect.

Scott (also formerly of The Wildhearts) is touring with CJ Wildheart in Europe in September. Grab your tickets here.

Give this killer track some love and attention and check the links below for more info and music. One thing is certain, it is undeniable that pain makes incredible music.

RIP Roger Segal (Sorry and the Sinatras), RIP Jeff Gashler (The Dark Brothers), RIP Josh Silverman (The Dark Brothers, Shirk Circus).

Scott Sorry

Sorry and the Sinatras