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The Big Takeover Issue #94

Joe Pugsley

Dromedary Records Announces 30th Anniversary Celebration

23 June 2023

Dromedary Records is thrilled to announce Drom30, a weekend-long celebration of independent rock in the beautiful Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains of New York, on September 15, 16 and 17.

Interview: Future Someone

1 May 2023

Since 2019, FUTURE SOMEONE, the musical alias of NYC songwriter Kyle Walters, has been quietly releasing songs destined to be heard by a wider audience. Equal parts Arcade Fire, The 1975 and something else entirely, his music straddles feelings of heartbreak, nostalgia and hope, with a kind of swagger you can’t help moving in for a closer listen.

Oberon Rose Preaches the Gospel of Psych Rock on new LP "Purple, Blue & Crimson"

22 April 2023

Having been called “psych rock in its most pure and raw form”, it’s clear Oberon Rose is a band that is letting the music do the talking. Wherever the muse leads them, though, thought provoking lyrical image-ry and engaging melodic hooks are always at the forefront.

Interview: Mychael Gabriel

15 April 2023

Composer, lyricist, engineer, producer, instrumentalist: Mychael Gabriel has cosmic versatility and an entire ecosystem of talent. The Big Takeover had the pleasure of interviewing him about his recent music video release, “Sunday Afternoon”.

Interview: Tom Maroon

8 April 2023

Tom Maroon’s high-energy music combines rock, punk, and musical theater influences into a uniquely cinematic and lyric-focused style. He has produced and self-released two solo albums, playing every instrument on both records.

Interview: Hooray For Earth

13 March 2023

After an 8-year hiatus, NYC rock mainstay Hooray For Earth is on the path to resurfacing with a brand new single, a cover of electronic duo Autechre’s “jatevee C.”

Interview: Palms Station

12 February 2023

It’s no surprise that Los Angeles rock band Palms Station has a spiritual quality to their music: multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Hillel Tigay is also a cantor and musical director at IKAR, one of the largest and most influential progressive synagogues in Southern California.

Interview: Greg Hoy

11 February 2023

Greg Hoy tells us what he and the boys leanred through making the “Everyboy Wants to be Somebody” video.

Interview: Yellow Pills

9 February 2023

Ryan Miera of Yellow Pills sits down with Big Takeover to discuss Elvis, recording, sobriety and his latest music.

Interview: JoobieSeaz

17 December 2022

JoobieSeaz, a duo from Lille, France has been self-releasing singles relentlessly the last couple years and are making their mark. You can hear all the singles on a recent collection entitled Pitch Black: [The Singles] dropped earlier this year. Hyponotic, gritty and determined.. JoobieSeaz will dance in your subconscious while you enter their groove and submit to their dark and witchy vibes. We had an opportunity to talk to the band about their history and current and future plans.

Interview: Ari Vais discusses “London Crawling” by the Pelicans

17 December 2022

The Pelicans were a NYC quartet fronted by Ari Vais in the early 2000s. Years later Ari Vais became the frontman for The Campbell Apartment which started in NYC and ended up in the 2010’s in San Francisco. The Pelicans first resurfaced in the digital streaming era with a few tracks on “The Very Best Of Ari Vais and The Campbell Apartment” and soon after plans were made for the Pelicans full discography to be released. We caught up with Ari and asked him about the new collection by this class NYC power pop band.

Interview: La Muerte discuss their newest LP, ‘Sortilegia’

13 December 2022

Formed in the 80’s, LA MUERTE became one of the apologists of Belgium music in the 80’s. Long before Al Jourgensen and Ministry has started sound-experiments, LA MUERTE had already been edgy and aggressive, inventively pushing the boundaries. Over the course of their career, LA MUERTE didn’t lose this quality. The band’s newest LP, ‘Sortilegia’ came out this November via Consouling Sounds. The Big Takeover sat down with Didier Moens aka Dee-J, the founding member and guitarist of LA MUERTE.

Interview: Amalgaband discuss their “Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio Xmas” video

4 December 2022

Formed in Sheffield, UK in the lockdowns, Amalgaband are an “accidental band” that formed as an outlet for the members’ irrepressible creativity. Coming up to the holiday season, they’ve released their holiday song and music video “Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio Xmas”.

Perpetual Doom releases unique Misfits cover comp for Halloween (Charity for NCADV)

30 October 2022

Brooklyn indie label Perpetual Doom, who has been releasing incredible independent releases since 2014 has just unleashed a new Misfits cover compilation to celebrate Halloween with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).

Interview: Moral Panic discuss new album "Validation"

10 September 2022

Daniel Kelley of Moral Panic discusses new album Validation, influences, films, NYC and more.

Interview: Jacob Cloutier of Vanilla Bloom

26 August 2022

Vanilla Bloom is a psychedelic pop music project founded by Jacob Cloutier. The debut album, “Promise”, utilizes an immersive coming-of-age narrative which explores the progression of the inner child.

Lauren Monroe releases "Void of Course" feat. Rick Allen and Tyler Bryant

15 August 2022

In anticipation of the soon-to-be-released album, Messages from Aphrodite, Lauren Monroe releases “Void of Course” feat. Rick Allen and Tyler Bryant.

Scott Sorry "The Saint of Philadelphia" - A tribute to Roger Segal (Sorry and the Sinatras) featuring Sami Yaffa

10 August 2022

Scott Sorry (The Wildhearts, Sorry and the Sinatras) releases heartfelt tribute to Roger Segal (Sorry and the Sinatras).

Scary Hours unleashes "Symptoms of Modern Hegemony"

31 July 2022

Following an onslaught of heavy-hitting topical hardcore anthems this year, New Jersey political punks Scary Hours have finally released their much-anticipated full-length debut “Symptoms of Modern Hegemony” via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

Interview: The Bearer

10 July 2022

Austin TX based hardcore/punk band The Bearer rages with heavy and ferocious riffs, pounding drums, complex time changes and vocals with the same intensity as the music. I was pleased to get a chance to speak with drummer/vocalist Colton Siegmund about the new record Chained to a Tree, available now via Silent Pendulum Records.