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Song Premiere: "Celebrity Worship" by The Collect Pond

The Collect Pond
9 September 2021

The Collect Pond – Photo Credit: Mike Morrissey

The Collect Pond , the music project of Boston-based singer, songwriter, and audio engineer Danny Moffat, will release their third album, Long Range, on September 24th.

The Collect Pond is a geographical location in New York, NY, chosen by Moffat for his own music since the imagery of an oasis in the city seemed fitting, as recording and self-expression offered a similar kind of respite, a way to cope with the tenseness that permeates New York life.

It also creates a coexisting mix of species in one ecosystem, or musically speaking, a myriad of influences and styles under one name. On Long Range Moffat mixes folk elements from past The Collect Pond output, while adding harder-tinged rock dynamics that raise the stakes sonically.

The upcoming album offers more guitars, more electronic instruments, and more live drums. The result is an amped-up sound that takes the listener on a weird and wonderful journey into Moffat’s pandemic escapist headspace.

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of one such exploratory voyage today. The new lo-fi indie rock single “Celebrity Worship” is a punky and brash affair that harks back to bands such as The Buzzcocks.

Briskly strummed guitars dash forward with equally fast-slammed drums and cymbals. The pace changes to a staccato chop at times, with lurching guitars, lunging bass line, and stop-on-a-dime drumming.

Moffat casually tosses off the lyrics, sometimes sing-talking and other times exclaiming amid the sonic melee. It’s a not-so-serious song about being done with famous people, and shows off Moffat’s goofier.

“This song is about social media over-stimulation and being tired of celebrity culture,” Moffat explains. “During the pandemic it felt like I was losing contact with my real-life friends and substituting that with parasocial relationships with famous people — which was making me feel gross. “Celebrity Worship” is a song I wrote in my head on a long plane flight. I’ve never written music without actually playing it before, but the melody and chords all came together in my head.”