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Song Premiere: "Escalator" by FLDPLN

1 June 2021

FLDPLN – Photo Credit:

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to the new single from dream-electronic artist FLDPLN. ‘Escalator’ is the first taste of his forthcoming record by the same name. Scheduled for release on July 30, it will be available both digitally and on color vinyl via the label Sillas Famosas.

It’s ironic that this project should be based on Phoenix, Arizona with FLDPLN (“field-plan”) being the new solo project of Andrew Saks, created by him from the ashes of Southern California shoegaze band Sway (‘The Millia Pink and Green’ EP, ‘This Was Tomorrow’).

Fans of such artists as M83, Bonobo, Pale Saints and The Midnight will be thrilled to discover Saks’ latest project, presenting 11 tracks and, essentially, a whole new world of electronic-based dreampop. Clearly under the influence of 80s pop,

Saks history makes it clear why this new music is laced with Slowdive-like shoegaze-like textures and Tycho-esque ambient aesthetic, sculpted via a clever layering of saxophones and synths. With a perfect sense of space and symmetry, Saks’ particular sonic trajectory presents a sound unlike pretty much anything else out there on the ambient-pop-gaze music landscape.

A mostly electronic project that generally defies genre pigeonholing, FLDPLN is an outlet for dreamy, blissfully textural songs featuring synthesizers, vocals and layered saxophones. Saks effectively captures euphoric feelings, sharing them with spirits seeking a sense of nostalgia.

‘Escalator’ was written, produced, recorded and mixed by Andrew Saks at his home studio in Phoenix, Arizona. This follows up his 2018 album ‘Let You Down’ and his 2021 single ‘Cashout’, release in 2021.

“Escalator is really the result of my years of dabbling in electronic music production combined with my desire to reconnect with my roots, having been a saxophone player for most of my life. For this album, I wanted to write songs that are true to the way I hear things in my head, dreamy, blurry, beautiful without compromise and incorporate the horn as a textural instrument as well as another melodic voice,” says Andrew Saks.

A short time after Sway disbanded, Andrew (who handled half of the guitar duties in the band) decided to put down the guitar and return with resolve to his first love – the saxophone – which he has played from the age of 12.

The idea behind FLDPLN was to incorporate his love for electronic music production and early 90’s post-punk sensibilities, while allowing saxophones and synthesizers to be used to fill-in texturally, where guitars have typically been the fundamental building element of the “shoegaze” and “dream pop” sub-genres. Saxophone textures are layered, at times co-mingling with synthesizers to create a soft, warm bed of sound, the perfect backdrop for the whisper-like vocals reminiscent of Andrew’s hushed voice with Sway.

At times, Andrew’s horn playing features soaring leads that lift the dreamlike and serene to near-anthemic heights while, in other instances, they convey an emotional, whisper-like voice. While certainly nowhere near new to experimental music, the tone and texture of the saxophone in this context effectively lends itself to ethereal lullabies and reflective daydreams.

While textures and sound are an integral component of the music, Andrew does not shy away from hook-laden songwriting. This music is highly influenced by childhood memories of going to bed each night, falling asleep with Walkman headphones on and later waking up in the darkness, in a partial dream-state with the pop songs of the 1980’s – Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Bruce Springsteen, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Debbie Gibson, Human League still whispering in his ears.

As of June 21, lead single ‘Escalator’ will be available everywhere across online stores. The full ‘Escalator’ LP will be released on July 30 and can already be pre-ordered digitally and on color vinyl via Bandcamp at


Also check out this clever album teaser, which will make you both feel nostalgic for yester-decade and simultaneously look forward to the release of this album itself:

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