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The Big Takeover Issue #92
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Song Premiere: "Experimental World" by Evan Taylor

27 June 2022

Photo Credit: John Nyboer

“Experimental World” is about the resistance to assimilate in a world that has been traumatized and strained. With an exotica rhythm, Taylor paints a picture of an individual who is far from accepting the new normal. The choruses erupt confrontationally proposing a questing which essentially is “can you hang in there?”. Taylor offers a respite from confrontation to lay a soaring stack of *Brian Wilson*-esque harmonies complementing the haunting soundscape with heartbreaking counterpoint. Taylor hopes the song offers a familiar perspective rather than a further alienation. However, Taylor describes “ the fun part is that the song illuminates different emotions in very unique inquisitive individuals”. “Experimental World” is being released on Taylor’s own, Loantaka Records.

Taylor, also co-leader of Art Rock band Purple Witch of Culver, does not look at “quarantine opportunity” fondly, as those feeling graced with a creative renaissance of tunnel vision artistic focus do. Prior to starting a band and producing some of the indie elite, Taylor found himself like many others: bored, depressed, frightened, and restless. He contemplated the aftermath of this period in history; relearning social skills, figuring out a somewhat normal daily routine, and hopefully retaining some inkling of sanitation.

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Experimental World” –

Evan Taylor ยท Experimental World

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