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Song Premiere: "Firecat And The Small Balloons" by A. Sinclair

A. Sinclair
22 February 2021

A. Sinclair – Photo Credit: Tara Sinclair

“Every song that Aaron Sinclair writes has a certain underlying feeling.” SPIN. Baeble Music sensed a “strung-out urgency” in his voice and KUTX says “A. Sinclair epitomizes full-on rock, complete with massive guitar riffs, boozy vocals, and a driving swagger.” The singer-songwriter also knows his way around restless, yet melodic indie pop compositions.

It’s surprising then, that in person Sinclair is a quiet guy – reserved, humble, and even-keeled. Not one for self-promotion, he often shies away from putting himself in the spotlight. As Paste put it, he “lets the music speak for itself,” usually letting the music writers wrangle with his intent and with descriptions of his songs instead of revealing details himself.

This is apparent on A Sinclair’s third full length album Sunshine Ghost, which materializes on March 26th via Mr. Pink Records. The record was mixed by Justin Douglas at King Electric and mastered by Jonas Wilson at Mr Pink Records.

Due to quarantine, this is the first time that Sinclair has written, played, and tracked all of the instruments himself. Divulging a little bit of personal details, Sinclair relates that the songs were tracked mostly in his 4-year-old daughter’s room on Thursdays when she would stay with her grandparents.

Big Takeover is pleased to host the engaging jangle popper “Firecat And The Small Balloons” from Sunshine Ghost.

The number gently sweeps by on briskly strummed mellifluous guitar lines, agitated percussion, a steady drum beat, and the occasional cymbals crash.

Sinclair sings in a wavering tone his enigmatic lyrics about weird dreams and how incongruous they are to real life once you wake up from them. But also how bizarre thoughts can manifest in the mind, but not be expressed to others.

Just for us, Sinclair digs in much deeper about “Firecat And The Small Balloons,” expanding on the song’s themes, revealing:

“It’s true, mistakes will be made.
Is it ok to make the same ones over and over? I hope so.
Is it ok to make magical friends in the night? I hope so.
Is it ok to talk to yourself when no one is around? I hope so.
Is it cool to write songs about it? I hope so.”

Mr Pink Records · 01 Firecat And The Small Balloons

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