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Song Premiere: "Some People Never Change" by Nervous Twitch

4 October 2022

Photo Credit: Paul Samuel

Nervous Twitch—talk about a perfect band name! Listening to their fifth album, Some People Never Change, it’s hard not to notice the nervous energy of front woman Erin Hyde’s vocals. Nervous Twitch built a solid reputation for songs that bristle with punk energy, mixing a vibe that also incorporates girl group passion, post-punk angularity, and even the occasional surf guitar cool.

Some People Never Change offers up a baker’s dozen tracks that deal in attitude and the personal. “We Don’t Care” takes on critics with a snarl, “What The Hell” takes on the frustrations of modern life, while “The History of The Wild West” deals with escaping the world for a less stressful one. But it’s not all anger as an energy; “This Mad At The World” is a ballad that show you can relate your frustrations in a gorgeous, acoustic ballad. “You Never Let Me Down” is a delightful love song with a girl-group vibe, while “Forgive Yourself” offers up a meditation in self-forgiveness.

Some People Never Change is a delight of a record, one that offers up curious insight into Erin Hyde’s and Jamie Churchley’s mindset and world—but more to the point, it’s a fun listen, full of anger and hope and love and frustration and more, easily relatable to those who happen to reside on Earth circa 2022.

Reckless Yes Records · Nervous Twitch – Some People Never Change

The History of the Wild West
(Jay) When things are tough in the world, we all find solitude in the things we enjoy; a record, TV documentary, or perhaps a book. I referenced the wild west as I’m a total history buff, and that would be the sort of title that would come up on my YouTube suggestions list! I was inspired by the escapism we all pursue in life and set out to write a song with a simple chorus and repetitive motif throughout.

Social Chameleon
This song features an awesome keys section by Kara Buchanan from Portland based band The Crystal Furs. Musically the chord progression was heavily influenced by Blur and the Kinks, as was the bass line. And I guess the observational commentary on those types of people that we all know, but maybe we would rather not, that would most certainly be referenced in their songs!

Don’t Be Mean
We would agree this is the most stereotypical ‘Twitch’ song, with the 60s organ riff and hooky guitar melodies, Ash does some great drumming also! This song is about those aloof types that you find in most cities who think they are somewhat superior because they hang out in the hip crowd.

What The Hell
{Erin) This song began life as a demo with layer after layer of the different components, starting with a simple drum beat, and eventually including multiple vocal tracks; sounding almost as though there were additional instruments in the mix. The final recording didn’t use quite as many layers, but evolved with the essence of it to create a Vaselines like pop song.

Forgive Yourself
I got a great pedal for this. It’s the only song I use it on as I’ve not found a place for it in any of our other songs yet. I don’t always get the chance to be overdriven and noisy so it’s great when we get to play this song live. I was going through phases of not being able to sleep because of stupid thoughts going through my head. I wrote this song to acknowledge those thoughts and to attempt to drill into my head that you can only ever look to forgive yourself in life.

You Never Let Me Down
(Jay) Inspired by songwriters such as Ben Lee or Tom Morgan (Smudge); this song is about how you may go through highs and lows in life, but your favourite songs or musicians are the one thing you can always rely on. I’m really pleased with the laid-back groove.

It’s Going To Be Ok
Based around a repetitive bass riff and spiky guitar chords, this song is a kind of call to arms to people who are struggling with life.

More Than Enough Warning
Mixing both acoustic and electric guitar in the mix was a first for us production-wise. The play on words complimented with the textures of the sounds weaves the music and meaning perfectly together.

We Don’t Care
(Erin) As band we had almost pinned this song as a bit of a throw-away track, perhaps as it developed with ease. When we were discussing potential singles with our label this popped up in everyone’s suggestions which made us view it in a completely different light. It is a lot of fun to play live!

If You Don’t Wanna Know Me (I’m Happy On My Own)
I feel like quoting PIL here by saying “this is not a love song!”, or a break up song either! It was an amalgamation of all the lyrics I had scribbled down when I was pissed off with the world. I felt I had room to add some more interesting bass parts that intertwined well with the rest of the music.

This Mad at the World
Alex Greenwood, who recorded our album, said that he loved this song as it reminded him of The Moldy Peaches. I had never heard of The Moldy Peaches before, so have now discovered a new band I love!

Another Way
(Jay) I believe this was the first song written for the album. Inspired by domestic disputes and how they can make you feel pretty low, I wanted to
shout out loud that frustrated voice from inside that screams: ‘there must be another way’.

(Erin) I always wanted a Tretchikoff Green Lady print and said to myself that if I ever move house, I would treat myself to one (mainly because I had run out of wall space in my current house). Well, we moved recently so I found myself one on eBay and drove to collect it from Wakefield, which is about an hour round trip from Leeds. Before setting off I said to myself that I would write a song on this journey, and this was what came out! I set out to be descriptive, playful and positive; since the last few I had written were angry or depressing (2020, can you blame me!). I wanted to be metaphorical with lyrics setting an inspiring and empowering tone.