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Song Premiere: "The Bad Guy (EMP Remix)" by Felixity

Felixity 2
4 August 2020

Felixity – Photo Credit: Steve Gullick

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the latest single from London-based neo-soul pop artist Felixity – ‘The Bad Guy (EMP Remix)’ is a soulful Amy Winehouse-inspired track from her new Love Sick Remixed LP.

The track is steeped in burgeoning electro-symphonic atmospherics, moving with a measured trip-hop beat, and filled with skittering and clicking percussion. Synths string press on the high end while reflective piano notes and a darker undertow pull at Felixity’s ruminative vocals.

Love Sick Remixed follows up her debut Love Sick LP, released earlier this year, with both albums released via Komplex Recordings.

Taking advantage of the lockdown period, Felixity reached out to such epic music producers as Barry Adamson, Danny Saber, Andy Spaceland, Martin Eden, James Sanger, Drunq, Black Star Liner, Thomas Gloor, David Francolini, and Cenzo Townshend, all of whom have come together to remix her original tracks.

Following up on her single ‘Twisted Love’, Felixity also presents her ‘Live in Lockdown’ video of this song, filmed in London and featuring Melissa Harrison on piano.

Love Sick is a collection of deeply personal songs that are part confessional, part exorcism and all infused with Felixity’s extraordinary voice and street-smart lyrics.

“On the whole, this music is a full stop on a part of my life. Written about personal experiences and laid over heavy drums and lots of strings, I wanted people to know that we all feel the same things and the hardest stuff never lasts. I wrote this about my past and the things that have happened. Sex, drugs love and addiction, it’s all in there,” says Felixity.

‘Love Sick Remixed’ is out now, available across digital platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Enjoy the whole album while you’re at it:

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