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Song Premiere: “Torchbearer” by Sonofdov

7 November 2022

Not afraid to dive deep, New Jersey singer-songwriter Dennis King AKA SONOFDOV, releases his most personal set of songs to date. Fangs, a sparse mini series of lost innocence (Fangs, Boy on Fire), tangled relationships (Torchbearer) and psychotherapy (The Arsonist, Carbon and Gold) become illuminated by King’s idiosyncratic playing style and alt-folk songwriting. Written and recorded this past winter, Fangs, is SONOFDOV’S third release on Mint 400 Records. Unlike his first release, Towers (2019), there’s no longer isolation controlling the narrative or conflicts getting in the way as in the follow up EP, Battle Lines (2020). This time around, Fangs reveals a songwriter reflecting on his shortcomings, but with a sense of sardonic humor, a touch of honesty and memorable melody lines to accompany you on your next road trip.

Dennis King of Sonodov on the song “Torchbearer”:

“Over the past year, I needed to rethink my writing approach as I found myself walking away from so many songs. With pen and paper, I started writing out “morning pages” and wrote the words “The empty road whispers in my ear, if you don’t get off you’ll disappear”, which became the opening lines for “Torchbearer”. Not ground breaking in any way, but it wasn’t forced and had a natural melody pattern. From there the song came together rather quickly. In general, I’m not one to tell or share how I feel about a song or what it means, because I usually don’t have a definitive answer. If a listener connects with it in any way, I’ve achieved something. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been told my guitar playing is “oddly enjoyable” and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. It’s spares, but you can hear the dynamic intentions.”

Dennis King Of Sonodov on the Fangs EP:

“When the urge to write again finally came, I was able to complete a thought without the self-loathing ache that usually follows. Some of the songs were spurred on by subconscious rants scribbled on pieces of paper while others came in melodic waves driving around. Themes of lost innocence and acceptance can be heard throughout the EP, so while thinking about the image and artwork, I turned to my artist daughter, Olivia King. I really love the whimsy simplicity and the two contrasting emotions.”