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Video Premiere: "Minor Mendings" by Guest Directors

Guest Directors - Photo Credit: Don Farwell of Earwig Studio
5 August 2019

Guest Directors – Photo Credit: Don Farwell of Earwig Studio

Since 2015 Seattle’s Guest Directors have been developing their idiosyncratic Venn diagram of shoegaze, power pop, dream pop, and indie rock over the course of three EPs.

Their atmospheric and soulful music has inspired comparisons to the golden years of indie rock, but is firmly planted in the present day. Tracks from their most recent effort, Dream the Currents (2019), have been played on KEXP, DKFM, and other stations from Brooklyn to the U.K., New Zealand, and Australia.

The Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the video for “Minor Mendings”, a song from Dream the Currents. On this track, the band has added more noise to the mix, while still retaining the swirling guitars and powerful rhythms they’re known for.

“Minor Mendings” came to be during a seeming lull in the band’s progress after losing their bassist. The result of a free-form jam session, they glimpsed the bigger picture and kept pushing and shaping the composition.

An attempt at recording “Minor Mendings” for their second EP (2018’s Captured in the Light) didn’t materialize, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The additional year spent playing the song live allowed for the band to hone in on the feel and bring focus to the final structure.

Not content to impose limitations of music genre, Guest Directors will pull an ear-catching thread to see where it leads, and ultimately weave it into a form that’s all its own. “Minor Mendings” is now a staple in the band’s live set as a favorite – not only for fans to hear, but for the band to perform.

Mirroring the song’s composition, the video is a patient, yet purposeful march through dark days and doldrums, static and turmoil, precision and cacophony – all culminating with the long awaited arrival at a place of sonic serenity.

Amid vivid, flashing film reel imagery, a long, shadowy corridor, a man and a woman walking deliberately at opposite ends of the hall, cityscapes and mountain ranges, the band perform the number, absorbed in getting their message across.

Guitarist and singer Julie D says, “This song touches on my lifelong struggles with depression and mood swings. The lyrics were initially inspired by the way the music is so disjointed between the crazy noise and the calmer bits, with the simple riff that runs through most of it being the perseverance to ride things out. I love the way the video really captured the expression of the music.”

Guest Directors are currently in the pre-production phase of preparing to record their next release, expected to be available next year.