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Album Premiere: "Couch Slime IV" by Flesh Produce

20 September 2023

FLESH PRODUCE – Couch Slime IV LP now streaming!

You won’t get any “Broc n’ roll” from Flesh Produce! The two-piece band draws influences from a variety of avenues, which sets them apart from most artists. What started out as the bloopy bedroom beats of Karl Fagerstrom (drums/production), Flesh Produce has mutated with the addition of Myla Profitt (vocals, the spirit of Kathleen Hanna) into an amalgamation of “breakneck glitch pop gone hardcore.” Quickly rising as a darling in Seattle’s scuzzy DIY circles and influenced musically by artists spanning from Death Grips, Machine Girl, Sophie, Lightning Bolt, Botch, and Dillinger Escape Plan, to METZ, Tobacco, and Converge, the band’s sludgy/digi/noise punk is infectious and overwhelming when experienced live. Flesh Produce released their first LP in 2018, titled Fantastic Passion. The second LP was released in 2020, entitled Brute. The band has toured and/or collaborated with peers such as Seamoss, Vantana Row, Problems, Filth is Eternal, Monsterwatch, Black Ends, Florida Man.

Blurg from band about the album:

“These instrumentals felt different than a lot of Karl’s past songs. They all felt so apocalyptic and seemed to be coming from a different approach, so I had to vary mine as well. We wrote most of it during and post covid. For me it’s about depression during isolation, and how the world felt like it was ending. Everyone was on polar opposite sides so no one could agree on what the truth was. We all were just forced to work through it all, and there was no time for life to pause. All the richest people kept getting richer and capitalizing on the plague that was going on. I personally believe there should be no billionaires, and that money makes us all do awful things. I wanted to speak about standing up to it and being strong, badass, and hot enough to do what I want. And that we collectively are powerful enough to change our future.” – Myla

Couch Slime IV will be released digitally Sept. 22nd. Pre-order, here: