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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Artie Do Good - “Bread and Roses”

14 June 2024

Photo by Kenneth Charles Leftridge Jr

Chris Misch-Bloxdorf wears many hats as a jazz-trained trombonist, touring musician, songwriter, singer, and producer. He dons the name Artie Do Good to share his varied and vast background in music, showing a soulful and jazzy side of experimental pop music with his solo music. The Big Takeover is proudly announcing his next album Socialist Dance Party with his lead single “Bread and Roses,” borrowing a political slogan used during the women’s suffrage movement nearly a century ago.

Remixing 1900s labor movement slogans, references, and hymnals, Artie Do Good’s new music distills ideas of the last century into modernized and electrified pop music you can dance to when the album comes out later this year on Labor Day.

Misch-Bloxdorf said of the lead single that it’s “one of the thesis statements of the project. The single starts with a quote from Assata Shakur, which ultimately will kick off the album. I knew I wanted to incorporate ‘Bread and Roses’ for the imagery and slogan first used by Helen Todd during the Chicago garment workers’ strike. It was made in my bedroom studio and was largely inspired by the textures and techniques of Burial. Other obscured vocal samples abstractly combine to provide broken phrases and a repetition of the word ‘work.’”

Please check out Artie Do Good on Spotify, Bandcamp, Instagram and TikTok