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NEWS: Fool Heavy details each track from New Album Gusto

Fool Heavy
11 October 2017

Fool Heavy; Photo Credit: Mike Abiuso / Behind the Curtains Media

Long Island garage rock duo Fool Heavy share an exclusive track-by-track review of their brand new LP Gusto, released last week. Full of ’90s grunge and alternative wave elements, they’ve forged a sound that’s somehow both nostalgic and modern – full of raw and authentic energy. Singer-songwriter Taylor Berke (ex- Soda Bomb) and co-vocalist Sam Coughlin explore the messages and inspiration behind the tracks that are cathartic, familiar, and unapologetically honest. Gusto is available as a pay-what-you-want release on Bandcamp

“Pulp Friction”:

This song is about masturbation. The end.

“Dude Quest”:

It’s one part tribute, two parts anthem. It’s the party you go to to forget the bad week you had, and everyone’s like “Hey man, maybe you should slow down..” and you say, “Nah… I’m pretty sure I wanna smoke whatever you’re selling and swan dive into this koi pond.”

“Orange Dracula”:

People hear this song and say it really speaks to them, and they really identify with it. But we wrote it about Dexter Morgan, so hopefully not.”

“Canada Dry”:

“You may or may not be surprised to hear that this one took the longest to write. Months on months on months. Also, it’s about acid. It’s also about kind of facing the fact that your place in the world is largely insignificant, but mostly it’s about acid.”

“Li’l Brains”:

“Have you ever taken a good look at the people around you and realized you’re all doomed? That’s what we did. Sometimes you run, and you run, and you run, and there’s no finish line. No celebration. It just is.”

“Avant Garbage”:

“This song is what happens when you spend your whole life holding back how you really feel about people. That’s garbage- who cares? Be honest. Why waste your life being nice about things that suck? It’s too short.”


“We played around with different vocal harmonies on this one, but in the end it just made sense to both sing the melody. The point was to make it sound like we were playing in a huge room with the microphone sitting in the corner. But like, a Windows comes-with-the-computer microphone.”


“A personal favorite of ours- it builds, and it builds, and it explodes at the end. It’s our homecoming… which might have been a better title.”