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Paul Collins live in the studio (and interviewed) now on Rabid In The Kennel --debut show today!!!! Listen anytime!!! (Alina Simone next)

10 February 2010

Big news! Rabid In The Kennel debuts as its own show today with a very special guest: Paul Collins of The Nerves and The Beat!

Visit BreakThru Radio now to hear my exclusive interview with Paul and his live performance at The Kennel Studio in Brooklyn! And you can click on this link and listen to it any day, at any time, at your leisure!

Click this link

Links to all past Rabid In The Kennel Sessions are here (click this).

Past guests include The Posies, TV Smith, Joe Pernice, Miranda Lee Richards, Justin Sullivan of New Model Army, Lou Barlow, Sloan and Astrid Williamson.

And be sure to tune in Wednesday, March 10 when we present internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Alina Simone! And we are expecting the one and only Leatherface, the greatest punk rock band of the last 20 years, coming all the way from Sunderland, England!

But for now, here’s the playlist for the Paul Collins show:

Rabid In The Kennel
DJ Jack Rabid
February 10, 2010
Today’s “Rabid in the Kennel” Session – Paul Collins (The Nerves, The Beat, The Breakaways)
00:00 DJ Jack Rabid
00:48 Rock and Roll Girl – Paul Collins
02:58 Hanging on the Telephone – The Nerves
05:00 Little Suzy – The Breakaways
07:39 DJ Jack Rabid & Paul Collins
21:41 Walking Out on Love (Live “Rabid in the Kennel” Session) – Paul Collins
24:16 She Doesn’t Want to Hang Around With You (Live “Rabid in the Kennel” Session) – Paul Collins
26:15 Million Dollars Bail – Peter Case
29:53 DJ Jack Rabid & Paul Collins
46:59 Do You Want to Love Me (Live “Rabid in the Kennel” Session) – Paul Collins
49:27 The Kings of Power-pop (Live “Rabid in the Kennel” Session) – Paul Collins
52:65 She Don’t Know Why She’s Here – The Last (original single version)
55:27 DJ Jack Rabid & Paul Collins
76:07 Letter to G (Live “Rabid in the Kennel” Session) – Paul Collins
78:24 With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend – Three O’Clock
81:12 DJ Jack Rabid & Paul Collins
88:45 Helen (Live “Rabid in the Kennel” Session) – Paul Collins

and here’s the playlist and the link for my other, more regular “Big Takeover on” show this week:

click here for the link

The Big Takeover
DJ Jack Rabid
February 8, 2010
00:00 DJ Jack Rabid
00:52 Shivering Sand – Mega City Four
04:36 G Turns to D – Sloan
07:54 Good Cheer – Mission of Burma
10:36 Painful Thing – Catherine Wheel
14:28 DJ Jack Rabid
19:11 Sailor Jack – Grant Hart
22:57 Holding Hands – We Are Wolves
25:22 Means to an End – The Brownies
29:17 There’s So Much Atmosphere – Ideal Soul Mart
33:31 DJ Jack Rabid
37:23 Pinned – Astrid Williamson
40:53 Abigail Don’t Be Long – The Dimes
44:27 Wishes and Stars – Harper Simon
47:24 The Switch – Don McGlashan & the Seven Sisters
51:40 DJ Jack Rabid
55:16 A Love to Die For – The Rifles
57:29 C’mon – The Soft Pack
59:37 Beep – Pylon
62:59 Swim – Surfer Blood
65:53 DJ Jack Rabid
70:08 So Do I – Gemma Ray

Jack Rabid