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Song Premiere: "Broadcasting Waves" by Math and Physics Club

Math and Physics Club
15 January 2018

Math and Physics Club; Photo courtesy of Math and Physics Club

The Big Takeover is pleased to premiere “Broadcasting Waves”, the second track from Math and Physics Club’s new album Lived Here Before.

On the LP, we see the band stretch confidently into new territory while featuring all the carefully constructed pop handicraft we’ve come to expect from these Pacific Northwest lads.

Working from a makeshift studio in the wilds of Snohomish, Washington, with fabled grunge producer Chris Hanzsek (Soundgarden, Green River), the band recorded eleven songs over four days in the company of Douglas firs and Swainson’s Thrushes.

Longtime fans will still recognize the band’s upbeat sound set against often bittersweet storytelling, but there’s also a darker, more world-weary undercurrent that feels earned with the passage of time, or perhaps as a reflection of the “times” themselves.

Band member Charles Bert reveals, “Some songs come together easily, as if the chords and riffs and melodies magically appear for you to grab onto, but that definitely was not the case with “Broadcasting Waves”. I remember sitting in my basement strumming through the verse over and over while James noodled around on the guitar. I think it was a change in tempo that finally unlocked the riff for James, and we both looked at each other and immediately fumbled for the record button because we didn’t want to lose it. It’s the best feeling.”

Bert continues, “Playing this one is so much fun for us because of the uncharacteristically big chorus. We’re definitely channeling our best Frosting on the Beater-era Posies right there, or at least as close as we’ll ever get to it. I imagine that I’m whipping my hair with each chord change like Ken Stringfellow.”

Lived Here Before is out January 26th on Fika Recordings and on Matinee Recordings, available on heavyweight blue vinyl and on CD.