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Song Premiere: “Dang Cold” by Mike Chick

29 January 2024

Asbury Park, NJ indie rocker Mike Chick returns today with “Dang Cold”, the latest single from his upcoming album, More Thrills, Less Hills, due out February 9th, 2024 via Mint 400 Records. “Dang Cold” is a standout track for the album, as it is built on a hip hop foundation and includes elements of indie rock, folk and sound collage. This song is a departure for Chick, whose catalog mostly contains electric and acoustic guitar dominant songs.

“I had a Beck single growing up, and a bunch of the b-sides had this lo-fi hip hop sound”, says Chick. “The vocals were blown out and the drums had this big room sound. Very crunchy. I loved the vibe, but never thought to ever really make a lo-fi hip hop song. Once I had the chorus of Dang Cold though, the rest of the song fell into place pretty quick.”

“Dang Cold” features call and response lyrics from Mint 400 Recording artist, El Valerie. “The first time I heard El Val was her song “Mala Onda” and I thought this person could be cool to collaborate with someday, but I didn’t know her at all. As I was writing Dang Cold, I could hear Val singing the lyrics like “gross”, “glasses with tint” and “baked warm in the sun then I stick ‘em in the fridge”. You know, just some normal, day to day stuff. I think she nailed it.” The track also features Ryan Gregg on organ. “I was just flapping my hands up and down to try and explain my idea for the organ parts of the song; no notes, just hand movements.” “I know what you want,” said Gregg, “I’m a musical interpreter.” Chick concludes, “I’m a fan of when organ players play with almost a percussive feel, just hammering at the keys, and that’s what I was looking for with this song. Ryan knew what to do.”

In the future we can all get bold, but for now? It’s dang cold. “Dang Cold is about people hoping for the best and looking forward to a brighter future, either for themselves or others. You have to hope that the work and advocating you do on a daily basis will lead to some greater good. Until then, as evidenced by the truly wild times we live in, it’s dang cold.”

More Thrills, Less Hills, is Chick’s third LP and follows 2022’s I Don’t Write Love Songs. More Thrills features drumming by Bill Bourke and a slew of guest musicians and friends. The LP was recorded by Bill Bourke, Mike Chick and Rudy Meier, mixed by Rudy Meier and mastered by Dana Yurcisin. Photo was taken by Melissa McLaughlin. Catch Mike Chick live this year either solo or with his band Yawn Mower. More Thrills, Less Hills, out February 9th, 2024 on Mint 400 Records.