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Song Premiere: "Goodbye" (feat. Dementio13) by Equinox

Equinox - "Goodbye" single
27 December 2016

“Goodbye” (feat. Dementio13) by Equinox; cover art

It’s not often that we feature spoken word artists here, so when we do, it’s something pretty different and special. That is exactly the case today with the premiere of “Goodbye”, the new track from British spoken word artist Equinox featuring Cardiff-based electronic architect Dementio13.

This shadowy, ambient single emanates a dark, but not disturbing, mood in its echoing expanse of pensiveness, filled at interjecting points with repetitions that build and become more powerful as they are interspersed along the way.

Equinox describes the meaning behind his new song: “It’s about true love. One that you feel will never fade. One that will last for all time. Your lover is your best friend and will never leave your side. Then, the dark side of my poetry appears. The depression that has followed me all my adult life. All alone after the split, all is lost. Life descends into darkness. All is lost.”

The lyrics resound:

_So, is this goodbye to a friend?
A friendship we thought would not end.
Is this the start of where we drift apart?
Into loneliness now we descend._

Equinox states his phrases with a striking British accent, carrying the weight of his words with the seamlessness of a chant against the mood-warping backdrop of Dementio13’s synth-driven chamber of dim and pensive atmospheres.

Here Equinox and Dementio13 tastefully lace Krautrock-influenced drones with very strong hues of legendary German Krautrock outfit Neu! and the oratory command of distinctly charismatic 1980s experimental electronic poetess icon Anne Clark. The result is powerful.

“I received the vocal lines from Equinox and figured that, through repetition, the words would grow in weight as the song went on,” explains Paul Dementio. “Then it was a case of building a track that gradually grows with it. Something somber and evocative that reflected the feeling of regret in the poem.”

“Goodbye” is the first track to be released from Equinox’s debut album, which is planned for release in the first few months of 2017 and promises to feature contributions from several other artists, some of them rather recognized.