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Song premiere: "Long Road" by Julie Belle

10 September 2015

“This is my favorite song on the EP,” said Americana singer-songwriter Julie Belle of this track on her new EP, You Were Younger. “It was my favorite to record, and it’s my favorite to listen to now.

“Sort of ironically, it was the hardest to write,” said Belle, whose debut EP, Run, appeared in 2011. “I started writing it in my brother’s basement in Michigan during a Christmas family gathering. It was the middle of the night and everyone else was asleep upstairs. The verses locked in quickly that night, but I had to wait for the rest of the song.

“Sometimes a song shows up practically finished before I have a chance to write it down, and sometimes it’s a fight for the song,” continued the Detroit-based artist. “This one was neither. It was like I had to sit and wait patiently while it marinated for a few years. And when it was time, the parts that were missing showed up all at once a couple weeks before I went into the studio to record it. The band really locked in on this one in the studio; everyone seemed to understand this song on a visceral level.

“It was worth the wait.” We agree!

You Were Younger comes out September 18.