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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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The Tide Bends - Glass Jaw (Mint 400)

3 May 2024

The Tide Bends, a band born from the serendipitous meeting of Dan Nolan and Dave
in 2015, have been carving out their niche in the indie music scene with a sound
that blends Brit rock, alternative, and shoegaze influences. Joined by Rudy Meier in
2022 and MJ Hancock in the following year, the band’s lineup solidified, paving the way
for their musical evolution.

Since their inception, The Tide Bends have been steadily building momentum with
releases like their EP Greened in 2016 and singles such as “Keeper” (2019) and
“Medicine Man” (2022). With each release, their fanbase has grown, propelling them
into the spotlight of the indie circuit.

As anticipation builds for their upcoming single “Say Yeah” slated for early Summer
2024, there’s a palpable excitement surrounding the band. It feels like a calm before the
storm, hinting at something seismic on the horizon. The Tide Bends are poised to make
their mark on the music world, promising an electrifying journey ahead.

In a recent talk we had with lead singer Dave Hough, the band shared insights into their
songwriting process and the inspiration behind their music. Drawing from a diverse
range of influences, including Noel Gallagher, Elliott Smith, and Father John Misty, they
explore themes of personal introspection and social dynamics in their lyrics.

When it comes to the creative process, The Tide Bends embrace collaboration and trust
in the organic flow of ideas. They find inspiration in the energy of younger artists and
remain open to revisiting and reimagining older material.

Looking ahead to future projects, the band carries with them lessons learned from their
current release, emphasizing the importance of trusting the creative process and
embracing collaboration. With a newfound appreciation for the magic of making music
together, The Tide Bends are eager to continue their musical journey, both in the studio
and on the stage.

Today, The Big Takeover is proud to present their debut single on New
Jersey Indie Label Mint 400 Records. “Glass Jaw” premieres right now, give a listen: