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Video premiere: "Going Home" by Gurus

Michael Friedrich of Gurus
13 April 2016

Gurus is “a big multimedia project” based in Brooklyn, NY, that features street percussion (buckets, trash can lids, and metal scraps), saxophone, voices, visuals, printed material (including a 10-page manifesto), and “singing about a cult and at times resembling one.”

The group, which arose in 2003 from founder Michael Friedrich’s sobriety and exposure to cult-like recovery groups, released its debut single, “Believers,” last February, and are preparing for the release of their first album, Unconditional Surrender, on May 6. Recorded by Gary Atturio of Studio G and mastered by Josh Bonati, Unconditional Surrender “creates the world of a cult — the Gnostic Urban Reformation of Unconditional Surrender (GURUS) — and offers first-person perspectives from figures living inside the compound, as well as the forces that oppose it.”

High concept…but does it have a beat, and can we dance to it? Well, yes and no. But we still think this song and video are very cool, what do you think?