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Video Premiere: "I Need This Bed To Myself" by The Holiday Crowd

The Holiday Crowd; Photo Credit: The Holiday Crowd
25 January 2017

The Holiday Crowed; Photo Credit: The Holiday Crowd

Toronto, Canada’s The Holiday Crowd are a true international affair with members hailing from England, Ireland, Canada, and the United States, all tied together over a love of English pop with heavy nods to the Smiths, Orange Juice, and Stone Roses, with equal parts jangle, funk, style, and swagger. The debut video “I Need This Bed to Myself” will make any die-hard lover of Anglo-pop a fan within one viewing.

The Holiday Crowd’s second, self titled album is available now via their label, Shelflife Records. It’s the follow-up to their debut record, Over the Bluffs, and you’ll soon be reminded that band is carrying on the jangle-pop torch of the ’80 premier bands better than anybody else.

The band explain the origins of “I Need This Bed To Myself”, stating, “This was originally written with a glam rock vibe to it until we switched up the chords to play quicker and faster. It came to us pretty quickly after the change. Sometimes you gotta go with what feels natural and post punk is the vibe we’re most comfortable with.”

As for the video, band member Imran Haniff says, “We took took a chance on a dreamer Alex Zen who came up with this idea on the first listen.. Zen choreographed the first shot, and we had to do this dance all together with a camera, lights, actors running frantically in a pull and take, musical chairs spin. It was all filmed in a blacked out room in an office building. Shot in one day, the bed came in handy at the end of the shoot. We all pretty much passed out on it. “