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Video Premiere: “Lorain” by Hugh J. Noble

8 December 2023

Photo Credit: Taryn Popplewell

We are excited to share the video for “Lorain” the lead single from the new Hugh J. Noble album, Here In The Smoke, coming December 8th on Jigsaw Records. Hugh is a musician and songwriter, originally from the small village of Wymeswold in England, currently living in San Diego, California, where he plays in the band Slum Summer. For the video for Lorain, he used an AI image generator, feeding the bot lyrics and imagery from the song to create over 300 original comics and then editing and cropping these to create a striking and surreal cavalcade of images that match the music.

Hugh told The Big Takeover a little about the forthcoming album, Here In The Smoke:
“Sometime around the end of March this year I began to recognize that I was feeling a little frustrated musically. I love my band, Slum Summer, but for reasons of logistics and temperament they tend to work a lot more slowly than I do, so we frequently end up with more songs than we have time to properly learn and record. I was also mindful of some impending changes in my life, with a baby on the way and the looming specter of my 40th birthday, so I made a sudden decision to set a deadline to write and record an album by myself, and that afternoon wrote and recorded the first of the 14 songs that feature on the record. The process was among the easiest and most enjoyable things I’ve ever done in my life of making music, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything came out. I don’t imagine any of these songs will be shooting to the top of the charts in this universe, but I loved the idea of trying to write an album full of HITS, and that’s why the title Here In The Smoke (H.I.T.S.) seemed like such a good fit!”

HITS will be available via and on all streaming sites on December 8th. You can also check out his band Slum Summer at