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Video Premiere: "One Glove" by Majorette

28 November 2023

Photo Credit: Michael Madrid

This Thursday, twee-extraordinaire Majorette will be releasing a brand new track titled, “One Glove”. The song is the first single off of her upcoming EP, Forever Starts Tuesday (due 1/23).

“One Glove” listens like a reverse strip-tease: totally bare with just a single vocal track and syncopated drum beat. Slowly layers are added on, culminating in a three-part round. Lyrically, the song is exactly the opposite. Singer Danielle Salomon tells the story of selling off her clothing one season at a time in order to make ends meet, finishing with the lyric “looks like this year, I’ll be completely nude.” Inspired by a lost mitten and an ill-fated water park incident where Salomon resorted to tobogganing in a pair of athletic shorts after selling her swimsuit— “One Glove” is equal parts cheeky and tragic.

The new single has been paired with a music video shot entirely on 16mm, featuring Salomon in a variety of vintage period-piece costumes she hand sewn herself. Drawing from pin-up style calendars and MGM musicals- specifically “Beautiful Girl” from Singin’ in the Rain and Leslie Caron’s introduction scene in An American in Paris — the video for “One Glove” is one minute and 30 seconds of decadent delusion.

The video was directed by Paul DeSilva (Wetsuit), and shot by cinematographer Martin Parsekian, set design by Elizabeth Chaney, lighting and technical direction by T. Michael Culane. This video marks the 2nd collaboration with this team, after last years’ “Crockpot”.

In her life, Salomon has sometimes been accused of having a scarcity mindset— “there’s not enough time, not enough money, and not even close to enough olives per jar.” Yet despite her awareness of these toxic thought patterns, she struggles daily. What’s the antidote? The internet recommends “mantras.” On her upcoming EP; Forever Starts Tuesday, Salomon explores themes of scarcity – patience, resources, time, ultimately concluding with her own absurdly comforting mantra: “tomorrow is forever, and forever starts Tuesday.”

Produced by Katie Von Schleicher at Figure 8 Recordings, mixed and mastered by Ian “Skinny” Salazar, Forever Starts Tuesday features Eli Recht-Appel on guitar, Bianca Butler on Bass, Christopher Williams on violin and Skinny on drums. The careful listener will also hear auxiliary vocals from Katie’s pet cockatiel Ursula. Inspired by Joe Meek, the Space Lady, Skeeter Davis, and Frankie Cosmos, _Forever Starts Tuesday_contains retro-futuristic elements that are basically out of this world. The EP will be available for streaming on January 23rd.